Hi there! Thank you so much for taking time to check out my blog, my name is Monica B and I’m very pleased to meet you!


Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star. — W. Clement Stone

himiko-toga-fanartI was born in Tijuana Mexico but came to live in the US when I became 12 years old. Due to living in poverty and a not so loving home, I looked for ways to escape my reality and to a safer environment. I quickly became obsessed with anime, books and video games, specially those featuring a righteous main character that overcomes all the obstacles in their life to become a respected and strong member of society.

However my family’s somewhat unstable economic situation proved it difficult to buy a lot of books, video games let alone anime or manga, so I started drawing my favorite characters and making up stories of them in my head. To this day I continue to draw and enjoy all of the interests I had as a kid and hope that some of the skills and knowledge I’ve gained from them can help me get a job that I can genuinely enjoy.

Portrait 2Even though my interests dint change much throughout the years, my less than ideal life situations made it hard to enjoy them at all. I almost stopped drawing altogether because I moved out at 18 and had to work a full time job to pay bills. I also reached a point in life in which I was going to pursue an occupation that would please my abusive parents, but I was in a serious car accident that shattered my spine a few years ago, which made me want to live life to the fullest.

My professional goals at the moment are to become a successful graphic and web designer, make enough money to pay my bills and not worry about food or rent. For my personal goals I would like to be able to draw anime characters and get paid for them, I also would like to learn to make animated drawings, make my own comic book in the “manga” aesthetic, make a “Visual Novel” genre video game, and if I’m feeling ambitious, make a small “YouTube” animated series in the “Anime Aesthetic.”

Some of my goals might sound childish or somewhat unattainable but I believe that if I aim for seemingly unattainable goals, even if I fail I will have accomplished something that I can be proud of. I also would like to try to attain my goals and fail than die not even trying and regretting or wondering if I could’ve. From my personal experience the meaning of life is to do something, since a person can go insane if they’re not kept busy; therefore why not spend your life doing things that make you happy and you enjoy? Especially if they’re positive activities that don’t hurt anyone else or yourself.


-By Monica B.

4 thoughts on “Hajimemashite!!

  1. MaKayla Stumph

    Firstly, I think your story is very inspiring and shows a great deal of your character and your drive to make a better life for yourself, and to not let those things affect your or dictate who you are. Secondly! I too am a lover of anime and manga’s! I actually used to use it as an escape from the world when I was in high school and fell in love with all the different genre’s and types. Some of my absolute favorites are the Manga “Black bird” and the Manga that recently became an animation over the last couple years, “Fairy Tail.”

  2. Elle Kennedy

    Hi Monica, wow I am so happy that there is another person in the class who also likes Boku No Hero Academia and anime/manga in general. Your goals are far from unattainable. If you had the strength and will to pick yourself back up after your accident you definitely have the determination to achieve your dreams. I can’t wait to see what you are able to create throughout the term and am excited to see your talent.

  3. Colin Gruener

    I think it’s super cool how you managed to overcome your tough situations and be able to enjoy life a little bit! I have been into anime myself for some time now, and I recently started getting into manga and light novels. One of my favorite anime shows is “Initial D,” along with various other slice-of-life shows! I think it’s super cool that you are looking into writing visual novels as well. I actually made a couple myself which I used as school projects last year in high school! I can’t wait to see what you create!

  4. H.M.

    Hello Monica,

    It sounds like you’ve been through some rough times, but you persevered and made it through! Live life and keep looking up ahead, and never give up! Life is still brand new to all of us! The goals about becoming a “successful graphic and web designer” sounds like a nice challenge! If you can go through the rough times, then I have no doubt that you can achieve your goals. Good luck in your career!

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