About Kyle Letsom

My name is Kyle Letsom. I have lived in Eugene my entire life, but I have intentions on possibly changing that once I finish with school, just for a change of scene for a while (I don’t know where just yet). 

I don’t have any pictures of myself, so here is my last-minute picture.

I love watching movies! When I’m not at home, school, or work, I am more than likely at the movie theater with friends or family. It’s an expensive hobby, but not always; I’ll just choose to watch movies at my home if I’m running a little short on money. I have also been known to be fairly competitive and bowling is a good outlet to express that side of me.

In my other free time, I play music (not incredibly great but passable) and I act. I love acting and portraying characters on a stage… 

Multimedia fascinates me because of my love for movies and Theatre Arts. Just recently, I’ve made a transition from acting on the stage to acting in front of the camera. Changing pace like that proved to be quite the challenge but well worth it. Ever since I started film acting, I wanted to learn more about it, thus explaining my sudden urge to take some Multimedia classes here at Lane. 

This is the first term of my third year here at Lane Community College. My plan, as of right now, is to finally finish off my AAOT degree and transfer to the University of Oregon. Although I haven’t quite decided if I want to switch my major to Multimedia Arts, it is something that I am, at the very least, interested in taking part in to fulfill more of the required number of elective credits. When I am out of school, I can see myself continuing to audition for more film and theatre companies around Eugene, and maybe even outside of Eugene.

2 thoughts on “About Kyle Letsom

  1. Emily Williams

    I am a huge movie geek.I just love watching and talking about characters and stories with other people. It’s so much fun. What’s it like working at a movie theater? I’ve been thinking about working there.

  2. H.M.

    Hello Kyle,

    You sound like quite the enthusiastic person about everything! It is so cool that you did Theatre Arts, I’ve always been interested in that. You made a comment about being in front of the camera and on stage. I know exactly how that feels. I do Japanese Taiko drumming and I’ve been on stage and in front of the camera many times! It’s definitely not an old feeling. Good luck!

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