About Me

Hi Everyone my name Is Ashley. I was born in Springfield and pretty much raised here, but I did spend ten years on my life in central Washington. I am a Multimedia Design major at Lane Community College. My joys in this field are photography, web designing, and editing.  I have been coming and going trying to get my degree for about five years now. Yes, you heard that right! I’ve had a lot of things interfere with my schooling during those five years and my health and family have come first. I would say I am an introvert. I like my alone time and sometimes get anxious around a lot of people. I am definitely not a simple person; I have been through a lot but try my best to stay positive.


On my spare time I enjoy taking my kids places, such as the parks, and attending free events with them. I enjoy music and the outdoors. The ocean is my peaceful spot I could stay there forever. I don’t have a whole lot of time for hobbies, but I do cook and clean a lot. I also love home design and last year we decided to buy a home and become home owners. So we now have a little fixer upper in Springfield, and we hope to slowly pay it off and fix it up so we can sell it and move to our next home. 

I am a Mother of two amazing children, Shayla, who is seven and, Uriah, who is three. I have been with my boyfriend for about five years. He has definitely changed my life. The person in my life I look up to the most is my Grandma. She is my hero because no matter what has happened she always seems so positive, and she has been there for me and my children no matter what. She has been a major support and rock in my life.