Hello Hello Hello~

My alternateTime to introduce myself I suppose! This is my first year at LCC, and first college experience ever! I’m doing what I can to make the best of my time here, and I’m hopeful for the way this blog will look in the future!

My name is Alison, but Ali is fine. I wanted to take the Multimedia Arts Program in hopes it will give me a foot in the door to the career I want. Eventually, I want to produce my own cartoons! I plan on doing more on the storyboarding, writing, and production work then actual animation, which is why this program is the best fit for me.

I’ve been creating stories for as long as I can remember, and it’s all I want to share them with people. I also practice my art and illustration work, because I do plan on creating comics as well.

I’m a very focused worker when I put myself to it! And when I don’t have work. I worry that school and work may interfere with each other, and leave me in a bad position in both, but like I said, I’m here to do the best I can with what I’ve got!

Also since I didn’t mention it yet, that image is a self portrait! it’s not uncommon for artist to portray themselves different from the way the look in reality, and this is often the way I portray myself. The green skin adds to the image I have of myself of being sort of ‘cartoony’ and fun. I can only hope others will see me that way through my actions and attitude.

Anyway, I’m running out of words, so thank you for looking!

Sincerely, Alison Counts

3 thoughts on “Hello Hello Hello~

  1. Colin Gruener

    I think it’s super cool that you want to create comics and cartoons! I love the lighthearted nature of them and how fun they are to read/watch. It’s something I might want to look into myself…I can’t wait to see what you create! Also, I really like how you approached the picture part of the assignment by making an cartoon representation of yourself instead of just taking a selfie like many others. So creative!

  2. Elle Kennedy

    Hi Alison! It is so cool that you are interested in making your own comics. Based on just the cartoon you have provided as your picture you can already see the talent that you posses. Even though I am not as artistically inclined as you I do share the same passion of wanting to have my own stories published to the world and I hope one day both of us will be able to complete that feat in the future. Keep up the incredible designs because it would be really amazing to see your works somewhere for all to see.


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