Weekend Colorado Adventure

For this assignment, the goal of my video was to capture the experience of my weekend trip to Colorado. I wanted to film it in a way that the audience felt as though they were coming with me on my adventure, and seeing it from my point of view. Before going on the trip, I compiled a list of activities and places that I would want to go and film. I would be seeing my brother for the first time in over a year, seeing my girlfriends family and attending a high school graduation. The video started out with the beginning of the trip, from the drive we (my girlfriend and I) made up to Portland, through the airport security, and onto the airplane.

When we finally made our arrival in Denver, it was time to start filming. I went out the first night with my brother, where he showed me around his new neighborhood and took me to his favorite pizza parlor, followed by a night of beers and dancing at the bar. Due to some events that transpired at the bar, I reinjured my knee which put a damper on some of the places and activities I had planned to go do on my trip.

Despite the injury, one day we managed to make to the Denver Botanic Gardens, a large garden with different varieties of flowers and plants from around the world as well as art and sculpture, where we got to see an awesome art display called Pixelated, which was a bunch of structures representing pixelated video games. There were lots of summer camps and people out enjoying the nice and sunny weather.

The video ended when we headed back home to Eugene. I was tired and exhausted and ready for my knee surgery, but I was also excited to create a video that would show everyone that fun trip I had just had (despite the knee injury).

Music: @jamesrodgers91

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