The Weight of Words

This project was, by far, my favorite! I had some hiccups in the beginning, like figuring out my story, but once I did, everything went pretty smoothly. I wanted to do something that had meaning, a metaphor about life, something pertaining to a struggle people face. I tried brainstorming about everything which moves me. I decided to do a video about women, because I am a woman, and touch on some of the everyday struggles we face. From catcalling, to snarky comments, to prejudices, and more. I wanted to convey how the idea of a “perfect woman” can weigh heavy on us, as well as how some of the negative things we hear have become a societal norm. I wanted to symbolize breaking those stereotypes at the same time as showing a metaphor for how women can cope with hearing them most, or even every day.

The hardest part of this project was coming up with an idea. It took a lot of holding my head in my hands fearing I wouldn’t think of something in time. Then it hit me and the rest of pre-production went fine. I was able to map out my storyboard and outline and I felt pretty good about it. I had a pretty solid plan. Luckily, I have had plans work poorly before, so I knew not to totally lose it when, as I got everything ready, had my actress at the location and was pulling out my camera, I realized I had forgotten my camera battery nearly an hour away at my house. I was a bit upset by this, don’t get me wrong! We had to reschedule production until the next morning, which worried me because I was running out of time and didn’t know what else might happen to throw off production.

I’m happy to write the next day went smooth. Desiree, my actress did an amazing job, and because she works night and had just gotten off work, it kind of fit the storyline anyway. At that point we just did every shot a bunch of times from different angles and I tried to make sure I had enough footage to choose from.  I ended up being very happy with most of the shots we got, except I wish I had gotten some clearer shots of the words. It was somewhat hard to shoot the words on the mirrors because of the reflection, but the mirror was key to my metaphor. It shows how she isn’t willing to let negative words and phrases she hears throughout her day, mirror herself. I hope I was able to deliver the idea, even with the somewhat blurry lettering.

Editing went pretty smoothly, as I really enjoy this part of the process. I’m still figuring things out with the Adobe programs but have been watching a ton of youtube videos, and with the help of everything I’ve learned this term, I think I will enjoy videography very very much.

Thanks for watching “The Weight of Words.” I hope you enjoyed it.


2 thoughts on “The Weight of Words

  1. Kacey Baker

    The continuity of your shots were spectacular. There was no sign of the newbie film making where there were pauses in movement between shot transitions, all was fluid and told your story well. As well, you told this story without words at all which was pretty impressive. Visual interpretation can be far more powerful than a story told with words, and I would say this is one of those cases.

    Great shots with fluid motion supported a well paced atmosphere and great storytelling.. Good job!


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