So..What Is Constitutional Carry?

2nd Amendment

So first off, I would like to talk about the video itself, and why I decided on this topic. I chose this topic over others because it is very important to me that I be able to protect myself and others that may need help when no one else can be there for them. I personally like to avoid conflict if at all possible, as I think it is useless. It provides no benefit to either party and only causes pain physically and emotionally to be healed with time you could have spent focusing on other more important things in your own life, instead of worrying about the others. That is, unless you’re a bully, then I hold no sympathy for you. People think all weapons can do is hurt others, but that’s not true. They can provide enjoyment for those who enjoy shooting in a recreational manner. But more importantly, they can prevent conflict altogether. As the video explains, 3/5 convicts won’t even mess with you if you’re armed, where as they all would if you had nothing to protect yourself. They don’t care who you are or what you do, just that you have something they want.

A weapon inherently is not dangerous, the person wielding it can be. No matter what you do, criminals don’t listen to the law anyway. This is why banning does not work and has never worked. Think back to prohibition, where companies themselves were sneaking instructions on how to make wine right on the side of the barrels. Think about any drug ever, cocaine, methamphetamine, and how they are still in 2018 YEARS after being illegal are still produced and sold all over the world, in multi trillion dollar accounts. Criminals, or addicts in the case of drugs and alcohol, will find a way to get what they want regardless of what you or anyone else says or tries to prohibit. Haven’t you ever stepped on the grass even when the sign told you not to?

In conclusion, this video meant a lot to me and I spent a lot of time perfecting it. Though not EVERYTHING is perfect, looking at you line I had to retake after the fact because I said 3 OF 5 instead of 3 OUT OF 5, sheesh did that give me plenty of problems, it was still a great project and I am proud to share it with my class and the world. I think information like this should be more readily available and people should embrace that which is and always will be in existence, rather than attempt to make it go away, which they never will.

Studies show that weapons are over 80x more often used to save or protect life, rather than take. Simply by getting training and owning a weapon, you are THAT much safer.

2 thoughts on “So..What Is Constitutional Carry?

  1. Braden Bollinger

    Damn, really well constructed video. B-Roll and pictures flowed super smoothly, and the audio quality is top-notch. The after effects editing with Vermont (fuck yeah) was just icing on the cake. Well done.


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