Sharing Endorphins


Group fitness and my gym family is highly important to me.  I wanted to showcase it in the video that I created because not only has it been a part of my life that has had a huge impact for my physical health but also for my mental well being.  The relationships that have been made have cultivated and nurtured me through difficult moments and became a constant in otherwise chaotic times.  Working out, initiating and promoting higher levels of endorphins is an amazing thing in itself but sharing that experience with others is even greater still.

This project started out with an idea that morphed and changed along the way, as is the way, and should be, with the creative process.  One of the lessons that I learned is that your idea is only as strong as the skills you have in using programs to put that idea into fruition.  Having to lower expectations and narrow your focus based on your personal skill set is humbling.

I shot for three days with a person that was generous enough to give me her time, feedback, ideas, excitement, commitment and encouragement.  Even when I had to let go of some amazing footage of her story and some elements that where taking my project into a direction that deviated from what I could do with with the perimeters of time that I had to showcase it and my abilities in using Adobe Premier Pro.  I hope to someday do her justice and hone my skills to the point that I can share the portion of my footage that I had to leave out.  Shout out to Ellen DeWerd, I feel extremely grateful and blessed with her generosity of time and overall excitement in helping me with this project.

That being said, this class is about building a foundation and gaining fundamental basic of learning how to use programs at their base level.  I’m glade that I had no choice except to use Adobe Premier Pro because my MacBook Pro is a glorified word processor and died slowly and painfully during the last few weeks of this class.  I pushed forward and spent many hours in the Independent lab and Library Adobe Lab overcoming my frustration with my laptop.  Again, I’m glade I did.  It can be very overwhelming with trying to make a program work for you when you don’t exactly know how the program works.  Youtube was a huge resource for me on how to’s for Premier Pro and I feel way more comfortable with the program after this project and with video altogether.

Another valuable piece of knowledge about Adobe Premier Pro is that it pulls your media from one source.  You must be extremely conscious and organized in where your media data is.  Being a serial saver and saving your project in various locations does not work.  Your media is linked, not saved to your work and it is very frustrating if you don’t have this tidbit.  I am speaking from experience but I learned a very valuable lesson because of it.

Lastly, Editing.  I was overwhelmed with the amount of footage that I had and had to look through.  Editing is a time consuming process.  More enjoyable once the knowledge of the program you’re using increases.  In the end, it was a huge advantage.  Having so much footage to cut and crop became my saving grace.  It  allowed me to keep focus on what I really wanted to share, even though I didn’t use a huge portion of what I shot I was able to use lots of smaller pieces.  It allowed me to put together something cohesive in a concept that I had to compact and keep to a time restraint.

I’m proud of this piece.  Not because it really showcases what I thought I could create but more importantly of what I was able to accomplish with the tools that I’m learning.



4 thoughts on “Sharing Endorphins

  1. Braden Bollinger

    Awesome! This is really cool stuff! You got some really good footage, and I really enjoyed your video!

  2. Hailey Cowlthorp

    I totally agree with you on the fact that editing takes soooo long! It was a lot of fun shooting for me, but once I had to sit down and see what I had to work with, I was overwhelmed as well! You did a great job!


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