Project 6 Monster hunter

Ok ill admit I did not enjoy working on this project but for all the things that went wrong i’m still happy with the final product even if it’s not at all what I originally intended. I had originally planned to make a video using game footage but the playstation would not let me transfer video I took onto my computer. This in turn made me switch to a slideshow for my project rather than actual footage. In either case I planned to show either footage or videos showcasing what made the two monsters unique with my commentary layered over some music I found.

I came here the day it was due with all my assets ready including my commentary I had perfected for my project. But when trying to add my commentary to the video I found out that it wasn’t compatible with premiere  for some reason. I really had no Idea what to do so I just worked with what did work within premiere. so in the end my project is just a slideshow with some music. My inexperience in this field really showed within this project.

I suppose I will just write what I was meant to say in the commentary so you at least know what the pictures represent. The first Monster in the video is Nergigante he is a powerful dragon with the unique ability to grow spikes all over his body. The second image of him is of his three states the first were spikes have just begun to form. the second of fully formed spikes and the third is of his spikes once fully hardened which makes him nearly invulnerable. The final picture of him is when he is about to use his dive bomb attack. this attack breaks off all of his spikes leaving him vulnerable again but is almost impossible to survive without completely dodging the attack.

The second Monster is the Zombie dragon Vaal Hazak. the first two images are of his general body shape and the icon that represents him within the game. The next two however are designed to show his primary abilities. He naturally controls a type of bacteria known as Effluvium that nearly always surrounds him in a white cloud like a gas. anything that comes into contact with effluvium is broken down and rotted by the bacteria. His primary forms of attack are biting and scratching along with the effluvium cloud surrounding him that slowly poisons a player. his greatest attacks however are when he breathes in the cloud around him before spraying it from his mouth as a much more concentrated weapon. These attacks will cut a players max health by half for several minutes and still cause the damage overtime that it causes when not used this way.

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