Francis and “The Chord”


Up to this point in my media arts classes I have been focusing on one aspect of a project at a time. This was my first attempt at creating my own video utilizing all the editing techniques I have been learning. This was by far the most enjoyable project I have worked on seeing as I had complete control of the story, casting, filming, music selection, and editing options. These steps were broken down into 3 stages including pre-production, production, and post production.

The Pre-Production stage of this project was the most difficult for me to get past. I was flip-flopping back and forth between different ideas for my video. It wasn’t until I had typed out my pre-shoot outline and detailed schedule for my project that I realized what I had settled on may have been boring to view, not to mention not all that fun to create. I decided to find some actors, present my overall idea, and let the improvisation begin. After many different takes, I had amassed enough footage to begin piecing together a timeline.

The actual filming or Production stage of this video was without question the most enjoyable. I had a good time directing the actors, expressing my story ideas, creating costumes, and filming the action. I was fortunate to find a cast of actors who were open to my story vision and who added their own flare to the overall experience. We did this all with very little rehearsal or mishaps. The only scary moment in the filming process came in the original take at the end of the movie where one of my actors was twirling around in a dress. This was filmed in a yard during the night with very little lireeght. She couldn’t see where she was going and accidentally tripped over a garden box and fell into a couple of large tomato plants. She was not injured however I cannot say the same for the tomato’s.

In the Post-Production portion of the project I had a hard time deciding which clips would remain untouched, which would be shortened, and which ones, unfortunately, I would have to exclude all together. This was all due to the 3 minute time limit for the film. I made an effort to edit in footage that corresponded with the narrative. This helped with the time restraints and seemed to give the story a better flow. My soundtrack music was chosen to give the story a feel of creepy mystery while the narrative was meant to be sarcastic yet possibly believable.

After I finished with the final Post-Production touches, I was already starting to plan out my next video shoot. More time will definitely be dedicated to the Pre-Production portion that I had such a hard time with on this particular film.

I found the creepy music called “Dead People Play” here>

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  1. Andrew Johnson

    This is such a great video!I love the mocumentary style of it all, and the whole thing is super funny. I would love to see what this could look like it there was more! Overall very good! I really enjoyed working with you this term! I hope that I see you in more classes down the road!


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