Final Video Project

Creating this video was quite an experience. I learned a lot from the last video project. I had a better understanding of premier and what I had to work with so that definitely helped me with this project. It was a lot of fun going out and shooting the scenes. There was a lot of trial and error working with angles and different things and I probably would have done some of the shots differently now if I had more time but overall I’m happy with the finished product. My sister Sophia and my friend Brandon are the two actors in the film, they were great to work with and helped me in my creative process. The hardest part was probably coming up with a concept. This is sort of the first time I’ve messed around with videography and cinematography so I did not really know what I was trying to go for at first. I was working on a spoken word poem that I was going to record and that is what the video is based on. However, I did not find the time to sit down and record it due to my other finals and things. So, I asked my friend Chad who is a musician if I could use his song in my video because it has ghost symbolism in it and the basic premise of the video is that this couple broke up but she is still haunting him metaphorically in his mind, so it worked out great. Most of my shots were in my yard where you see Soph in the white dress representing the metaphorical embodiment of the spirit that is haunting Brandon. The rest of the shots I got just around downtown. I really liked this project and this class in general. I loved learning all these skills I wasn’t too sure if media arts was for me but Mel made this term an enjoyable experience and I plan on furthering my study in media arts next term.

5 thoughts on “Final Video Project

  1. Andrew Johnson

    I really enjoyed this project! Your framing was really unique and interesting, and your choice of music was great! I had a good time watching this project and I hope I get to see more of your work down the road.

  2. Christopher Mitchell

    Super cool video footage. Your locations set a good mood for the video. I liked the fact that most of the shots were filmed right down the street from my house at the river and the rose gardens at Skinner Butte park. At least that’s what they looked like.

  3. Lola Butcher

    I really enjoyed your project!! I thought the videography was well done with a nice choice of music that set the tone for the whole thing. Nicely done!!

  4. Hailey Cowlthorp

    I like your style!I can sense that you wanted to push for more, but given the time requirement you weren’t able to get everything that you wanted in the video, but that’s totally okay! What you gave us is incredible! you did a great job!


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