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The final project, the home stretch, the pièce de résistance, and I go with books. I suppose this was bound to happen considering I had been stuck on getting an idea for a week, so that’s on me. The project turned to be fun though, going out and recording video, that got lost by the time of production, taking photos, in which only few had been used from my camera, and gathering audio, most of which hadn’t been used in the end due to an annoyance in the sound chosen. Yea, things got hard, but I pulled it off well for the troubles I had from the very start.

As said, I had trouble coming up with an idea. I kept going over things like gaming or music, but nothing seemed to be going right with either option. I had no idea how to start on either and it left me in the dust of my peers. What saved me, however, is when we met as a group to share our ideas and the instructor came in, checking on everything, and reminded me that I have a love for books that could be used for this project. And thus, All About Books was born. Well, not quite.

While I had my idea, which was more like my instructor’s idea, I still had no idea how to go through with it. I kept going over how I would go over books. Would I go over my favorite series or would I tell a tale of my favorite characters? It was hard to decide and I got in a stuck mindset between the two options, leaving me at a standstill for a short amount of time. Then I finally got my idea, I would go over my personal history with books.

As soon as I was settled on my idea, I was able to get my pre-production plan set up with confidence. Sadly, the plan failed straight from the get-go. I had planned to start my work the Tuesday after getting the plan finished, but due to appointments, I was unable to do so. That forced me to change my dates around to allow me to get what was needed to be done. The following Friday, May 25th, I had finally gotten the recording software needed, but it hadn’t been charged, which lead to me having a dead camera on the day I was to finally record video. After that Friday though, everything recording-wise fell into place, which was a relief. However, getting it into Premiere Pro caused much more difficulty.

When I finally got everything ready to create the final outcome, all of the video I had recorded vanished from my hard drive, leaving me with no B-Roll. Myself and three others, one of which was the instructor, couldn’t figure out what had happened, so I had to move on without video. Once I got through all the images I had, there were too many gaps that it felt stale to the ones I had asked to review the supposed “final creation,” so I had to result in finding free video online, which turned out to be very helpful and lead me to the final result.

Overall, the project was enjoyable. I got to go out, do new things and actually record my voice for the first time, which isn’t something I like to do. I do wish that I still had my video, but I won’t complain if the result is the best it can be as is. I’m definitely going to continue this blog after I leave this class and I’ll make sure I try to use what I’ve learned more often so I keep my skills up.

Until next time!


4 thoughts on “All About Books

  1. Andrew Johnson

    It was awesome watching you go through the process of making this short pice about yourself! What you made is not only really interesting it is relatable. I have had many similar experiences with books throughout my life, and really liked seeing and hearing that others have as well. Keep making great content!

  2. Michelle Slaven

    I loved this Jewel! I was just so curious to see what books you would be into as you got older. I LOVE BOOKS! Your editing looked awesome and I liked the jokey commentary, “you’re still here?” Great job! Ok Byeeee 😉


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