5 Things I like to do Almost Daily.


Hey everybody welcome to my SP18-P5 project. In this video I basically go over what the concept of what “Five” means to me. In this short video, I go over things that I do on a daily basis. I tried to make this video feel like a short vlog. But with two minutes, you are limited on time and what you can do.

I went with this vlog format because I use to watch different people vlog their day to day life on YouTube. Some examples being: Casey Neistat and Roman Atwood. I would mainly watch Casey Neistat and so that was the inspiration behind this video idea.

Recently I’ve been going to the gym almost daily if not at least five times a week because I have a lot of time in the mornings, and I am usually an early bird type of person. There are times I do wake up late however. Not only that but I also just want to eat healthier and become a little bit more active than be my usual lazy self.

With the World Cup coming closer and closer, I am very excited to start watching when the tournament begins. And since it only happens every four years I will do my best to watch it over the summer. Russia is hosting this years World Cup, so the games are going to start very early in the morning. I’ve done a little of research and it looks like the latest any of the games will be is at 11:45 in the morning. I am going to be working in the summer but since I work in a hotel, I might be able to watch a couple games.

Music is a huge part of my day to day life because I listen to it every single day, without fail. On the weekends or even on my days off, I will clean my room, or my apartment because sometimes me and my roommates will have people over and we don’t want it to look like we live in a mess. Therefore, I will play music to get rid of the silence.

Streaming is something that I’ve been doing for a while now. I have fun interacting with  all the new viewers/followers and talking to them via chat. I don’t stream everyday because it can actually be tiring sometimes. Especially when you do it for a couple hours. And this contradicts what I said earlier about not having much time on my hands but this is something that’s really fun to me.

Lastly, making videos is something that has always interested me for so long. When I was younger I would watch hours of YouTube. That inspired me to create videos of my own and share them with the people online. There’s a certain satisfaction I feel when I press the upload button on YouTube and wait for people to comment back and give me criticism on what I could do better next time. Thanks for watching my video and reading my post. Have a great day.

3 thoughts on “5 Things I like to do Almost Daily.

  1. Kacey Baker

    Well you said a vlog feel was what you were going for, and it worked! I felt like I was watching any other vlog you’ll find on YouTube, and I’m sure it was a great introduction into the field of vlogging if you ever choose to pursue that more. I also stream and make videos and feel like vlogs are a bit different than what we both seem to do. Great video man, loved the speed up on the dish cleaning! Classic vlogging style.


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