In the process of making this video I threw my back out twice, and the amount of effects piled up on my added to my video made my computer crash 6 times and made the render over 10 hours. This video is about the five senses with Death Grips’ song No Love. I wanted to make this video to keep on practicing my editing skills with real footage rather than with anime like I usually do so this was a really cool way to experiment with my presets on real footage, as well as to use it as practice for actual music videos. I wanted to use Death Grips as the background music because I felt that there chaotic sound would be a great way to portray the five senses by making the video almost feel like a trip. I would have done a lot more to this video but computer couldn’t handle all the effects and actually caused it to crash. I love creating effects and with this project I actually created about four more presets while completeing this. I didn’t really have a plan on what I would film exactly, so I made sure to film close ups of my eyes, mouth, ears, hands, and nose to capture the five senses but the rest was random footage from walking around Eugene. I wasn’t really worried on capturing the footage because I knew it was going to be chaotic with an abundance of face melting effects. I didn’t plan on putting so many effects on to it, but one thing led to another and the next thing you know this video is now my child, and I am putting more work than I need to on this video, without realizing it. The outcome of this project made me realize that editing live action footage compared to editing anime is vastly different when it comes to editing, masking is one example, I learned it’s VASTLY easier to mask animated footage than it is to mask live action footage.

(P.S After Effects wasn’t letting me change the video composition time so there’s an extra 9 min of blank video)

3 thoughts on “NO LOVE//DEEP SENSE

  1. Hailey Cowlthorp

    This was SO COOL. I watched the video before I read what you wrote and my initial thought was “wow this is like a trip” and come to find out that was sort of what you were trying to convey! You have awesome editing skills! Keep up the good work!


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