So when we first initially got this project to work on, I kinda had some silly ideas for what I wanted to do. The first one was this silly kinda riffing on nature documentary type stuff and then kinda breaking that to make a stupid captain planet joke because 5 elements. And then the more I thought about it I kinda ended up hating that idea and ended up going with a top 5 underrated games list idea.

I’m the type of person that isn’t a huge fan of reviews or lists when it comes to media mainly because they’re just really restrictive and boring and to me a number or a list doesn’t really give you the full qualities of a game. And when it comes to said lists, some of these tend to pick really safe, boring options and with underrated games lists especially they tend to pick games that while not everybody in the general population may know, most people who pay any attention to video games as a whole will definitely already know them. Same tends to apply to film lists and clickbait articles/reviews.

So starting out on this was a bit of a mess. I actually got the B-roll used in the number/transition clips first and worked from there, getting the footage of me in my own apartment later and then compiling all of the footage last. I used Premiere to string it all together and thought I’d made a mistake at first while making it.

Being embarrassed at me on camera and the dead air in the raw footage and all the takes I did. But as I began to edit it together and really work on it, it formed into mostly what I wanted and I actually ended up pretty happy with it. While it’s not perfect and there are certain things I could do better if I put a bit more time into it, I’m still pretty happy with it and I feel like I’ve really been getting better with editing if I can take something I first initially considered to be a terrible failure to be what I at least consider to be decent.

So I hope you guys enjoyed this goofy silly video and I’m really excited to move onto the final project!


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