I wish I had a day off with nothing to do…

For such a little introduction to video editing, I found this project to be a great trial and error learning experience. First of all I don’t own a camera so I opted to use my cell phone video camera for this shoot. That in itself was a hassle. Once I got the footage I needed, the importing and editing process was the fun part.

I wanted to be realistic about what a day off with nothing to do would actually be like. I am usually up pretty early so the 5 A.M. alarm clock isn’t much of a stretch from the truth. The first problem I encountered was getting the video footage to be clear in the dark which I still haven’t figured out. Hence the morning stock video at the beginning and end. I wasn’t interested in spending all day searching google for videos on how to shoot in the dark so this was my alternative.

The second problem I had was the lack of anyone interested in filming any of the scenes of me. This was problematic  because I would have to rest my phone in awkward positions to get the shot and then check the video. If it wasn’t right I would have to try and re-position it over and over until I was finally satisfied. Thankfully this was a very short film, however, I know now how I will go about filming for my next project. It definitely wont be with my phone camera.

The biggest setback I had with this project was my lack of planning ahead for the whole shoot. I would get ideas as I went along and they wouldn’t necessarily fit with the footage I already had, or I would have to get a different audio clip for the scene. My original outside shot for the intro was too dark to make out and the frogs in the background were drowned out by the wind noise. All of these problems were frustrating at the time but now I know how I will do things a little better for my next video shoot.

One more thing I need to mention is the audio soundtrack. For some reason, David Szesztay seems to be my go-to guy. You can find the song “Smiling  Flowers” at http://freemusicarchive.org/music/David_Szesztay/

7 thoughts on “I wish I had a day off with nothing to do…

  1. Alex

    Fine work on the video! The continuity really flowed well and there was good imagery. Props for the less-ideal method of recording (all too familiar with the lean/record/check stance/repeat). Salute!

  2. Alex Garcia

    Awesome video. It was well put together. I think my favorite part was you pouring the cereal. That is one of my favorite go to cereals.

  3. Kacey Baker

    Very interesting way you completed this video. Cold opening with sound affects of animals and then closing with the same sounds and shot gave a sense of consistency, pointing to the fact that you were waking from sleep, and then going to sleep. Your shots were very well set up and I enjoyed this piece. Also, go Captain Crunch!

  4. Lola Butcher

    Very cool video! I really liked the authenticity of it, I was able to grasp a good understanding of what a good day off is like. Nicely done!


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