Five Men’s Morris

Many people know Tic-Tac-Toe, but not many people know it’s Europe ancestor, Five Men’s Morris. While the game has one similar aspect to Tic-Tac-Toe, it has more different ones. The similarity between the two is the fact that you are trying to get three in a row, which is known as a mill in Five Men’s Morris. Some of the differences are that you have only five pieces each instead of infinite, you have a different looking playing board and you need to get multiple three in a rows to win the game.

To start off, you need to draw a large square, then draw another, smaller square in the center of the first and then finally connect both squares in the center by lines. The areas where you can place the pieces are the centers of the squares, where the lines connect, or the four corners of the square. To start the game, you and your opponent place down your pieces one at a time on the areas you’re allowed. Once you get all ten pieces on the board, you take turns moving a single piece over by one spot. You continue doing so until you get a mill, which is three in a row on a single line. Once you do so, you are able to take any piece of an opponents as long as it is not in a mill. You can take a piece if there is nothing else remaining accept a mill however. To win the game, you need to get your opponent down to two pieces, making it so they are no longer able to perform a mill. There are various sayings that you can or can’t make the same mill from the same pieces, so you decide what’s allowed in that sense.

5 thoughts on “Five Men’s Morris

  1. Alex

    Very interesting to see a European version of a game like this. Instantly made me want to try it out- and i probably will !

  2. Kacey Baker

    I gotta say, for a game I’ve never heard of this is one of the most interesting, simplistic games I’ve seen. It’s just similar enough to tic-tac-toe that it can keep interest, and it has a little more critical thinking added to the mix. I’m gonna try playing this with my wife some time. Do I get to keep the money though?? Ha!

  3. Lola Butcher

    I loved the idea behind this video. The thought of introducing a new, simple, fun game that isn’t commonly found here was a really smart move and it was well executed. Nicely done!


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