Totally Unnecessary

Rated Pg-13

Oh boy do I have a lot to say about this project I think I may have went a little bit overboard with this one, but I did really enjoy making it.  I have had tons of experience with a camera taking pictures and making Bmx/skate films, but never actually making a short clip. I decide to make my 5 things, “5 unnecessary ways to drink beer.”  The first thing I did was find some actors, my roommate Gabe and my good friend Dallas. Gabe is the other actor while Dallas was the camera man. Dallas and I are currently starting our own photography business called “Smile and Shoot Photography” so he was perfect for the camera. He also not a big drinking. We all came together to write a little script of what we would say/due. A whole day and two 18 packs later I had the clips I needed and man was I drunk no puke tho. I’m currently in Time base tools and have a little experience with adobe premier and that was the editing software chose to use. I boosted the audio a little and and combined all the clips with some fades to produce what you see haha. I know its not the best but I think it came out pretty good. Sorry for the major lost in video quality I’m not sure why youtube did that I filmed everything with my cannon t5i rebel which has 1080p. One of my biggest struggles while making this was the longer we filmed the drunker I got, which led me to forget what I was suppose to say. I really couldn’t have asked for a nicer day to film, the lighting outside that was just perfect.  I really hope that you guys enjoy it and it makes you laugh.

6 thoughts on “Totally Unnecessary

  1. Michelle Slaven

    Oh wow! Tyler, this was hilarious. I was laughing out loud in class. Literally. Not only did you cover the basics of the unnecessary ways to drink beers, you were totally inventive in others. I don’t know if you did this on purpose or if it was just the natural progression of your buzz, but it was funny how you gradually started slurring more. And I really loved how you switched the words in the title at the end… haha! Good job!

  2. Markus Guirand

    This is actually amazing and really made me do some self-reflection because I can relate to number 3

  3. Hailey Cowlthorp

    I’ve been waiting to see this since you shared with the class your idea!!!! It was soooo hilarious, and I think you have a nice sense of humor under your belt. I really enjoyed the filming style, and the muted color contrast. I think it went well with the concept. Good Job!


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