The Number Five (Da Numbah 5ive)

A question/task was asked of me today.

“What does the number five mean to you? Show us using your skills involving image editing.”

So I took the number 5 and made it my constraint. The set up was that I would have 5 minutes to scour for footage and music, and 5 minutes to edit and piece it all together. With “5” in mind, the first song that came to me was an angelic instrumental by Mac Miller promptly called “55”. I then took a moment to figure what kind of imagery I wanted to convey with this type of project and sound. Due to my interest and pursuit of the full submersion of the audience, I wished to make something that would take the viewer somewhere nice and cozy to accompany the Faces mixtape standout “55”. I came across some old, early 90’s footage of the Fulton and Bedford St. intersection in New York City, which portrayed a serene, lightly-buzzing people-scape. With time on my mind, I began slicing and dicing footage, lacing music and audio together, and soon thereafter, I had a final product, well under my limit.

All rights reserved to the authors/artists. I own no footage whatsoever. Solely this edited final product.

That one dude [0:37] looks like Master P. lol. Hope you enjoy! 🙂


Song of the Day: “Respect the Vibe (feat. Denzel Curry)” – Nell – Boyz n the Hood EP



3 thoughts on “The Number Five (Da Numbah 5ive)

  1. Andrew Johnson

    Dude this is a super cool video. I really like your concept. It didn’t really make a lot of sense to me at first when I watched it, but after reading though it I really like it! Despite your time constraints and what not it came out really good. Great stuff.


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