SP18-P5 Image Editing Five movies that impacted my life.

These movies are in no particular order. Three of them are from my childhood and two others are from my 20s. Okay, I lied they are in order of my childhood to my adulthood. I want to mention, the impact these movies had on my life are anywhere from fond memories to asking questions of myself.


The first movie, I remember seeing and liking was the TV movie “Salem’s Lot”. Yes, my mother would let me watch that movie as an eight-year-old boy in 1980.  Known as the the ultimate in terror. I don’t recall how I persuaded her to allow me to watch that mini series but I saw the kids in that movie and remember loving some the effects in it. However, I remember being scared out of my wits when I saw the younger brother being left behind in the woods and the wind picking up and his look of surprise and then the commercial break. For some reason, I remember that to this very day vividly.


The Second movie, was seeing “Time Bandits” on HBO or Showtime. I remember loving that movie for some reason, I can’t remember why I enjoyed that movie but when I saw it come out on The Criterion Collection I knew I had to get it. I watch it every year and use quotes from the movie. Two of my favorite quotes from the movie are: “Mum! Dad! It’s evil! Don’t touch it!” And “Slugs! he created slugs! They can’t hear. They can’t speak. They can’t operate machinery.  Are we not in the hands of a lunatic?”


The third movie from my childhood is “The Incredible Journey”. I remember watching that movie all the time in a latch key program as a kid. We had an edited pan and scam version of the film on reel to reel. In Latch Key, we used to find a yellow wall to show it on because the image looked better.  A couple years ago, I found it on a website that sells DVDs of it and I haven’t seen it since 1984. To my surprise it was shown in its original widescreen format and I never seen it in that format before, I was so blowed away by the widescreen version because I don’t recall seeing it before.


The fourth movie from my adulthood is “Rudy”. I remember seeing it in Portland Oregon in 1994 in the cinema. I am very fond of this movie because it reminds me to keep pushing beyond my limitations. Whenever I feel down or very sad I will watch this movie which reminds me not to give up on my dreams.


The fifth movie is “Good Will Hunting”, when I saw that movie in the theater here in Eugene it got me excited about going back to college and trying for a degree It made me think about my abilities and to apply myself to a career. The movie opened my eyes to going back to college in 1998 when I had interest in finding a career.

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  1. Alex

    Being a movie guy, I appreciated your passion and your recognition of the impact of film on your life. Rudy was one that resonated with me when I was in elementary school dealing with hardships.


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