How a One became a Five


When the number five was given to me for interpretation my mind went directly to my household which is home to 5 people.  My husband and I, our ten year old and our seven year old twins.  Five is a special number to me because it represents my family.   I began my interpretation with writing a poem of how I went from being a single person to a party of 5.  Once I finalized the poem, I knew that I would read my poem as the narrative and have that over a string of images that I would put together.  I spent many hours scanning photos into my scanner because some of them predate digital photos.  My personal Facebook page was my other resources for photos of the digital variety.

I recorded my poem, with the help of a snowball from the media check out, and it took more takes than I thought it would for me to not only get my voice the way I wanted it to sound but to also get the length and pauses just right.  I sorted and set my images in the order that I wanted, set my voice recording over it so that I could lengthen or shorten the duration the image stayed up before moving to the next.  Last, I found some music that I thought would fit the mood and feel I was trying to achieve and would also tie the whole thing together.

This assignment was challenging to me at first because I have never done any kind of video manipulation but I was also really excited to dive into something new and gain some new knowledge.  Adobe Premier Pro is a completely new program to me and I was intimidated to just jump in.  I’m so glade that I did because it is a fantastic program and user friendly which made it perfect for this project and for this beginner.  Over all I am pretty pleased with what I managed to create.   I’m also happy with the confidence that I have gained from using a program that I thought was so intimidating.  I look forward to continuing to learn what Premier Pro can do and what  I can do with it.


Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 3.30.26 PM




3 thoughts on “How a One became a Five

  1. Jay Keller

    That was pretty great Patty! I loved this personal nice poetry read and the music choice really went well with the pictures you chose to use, you did a really great job!


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