Five Easy Steps to Surviving the Wild

Ok, well now you guys know I’m a total dork.

I had a lot of fun with this project and learned some really invaluable things. It would have been nice if I had thought of the “5 Easy Steps to Surviving the Wild” when we first got the assignment, but my mind ran all over the place and other ideas didn’t work out.

Which brings me to the first lesson: Be a better brainstorm-trooper. Not that my first ideas were horrible, but they just couldn’t come together for various reasons. I think if I would have taken a little more time to brainstorm about the things I actually like or  what relates to me I would have thought of the survival idea and had more time to execute it. Although, you never know when a good idea will strike.

Second lesson: The importance of a detailed script. Because of the previous lesson not quite learned, I lacked time and just decided to wing it. I knew the basics of what I wanted to say but I should have written it out, rehearsed it a bit, timed it out, and made adjustments before-hand so I would know how long it would be.  I had to cut some really funny stuff because I didn’t have enough time.

Third lesson: Lighting!  It is hard to get good lighting in dense woods, especially with my limited knowledge and skill in this regard, but it definitely affected how it all turned out.  When I started editing my sequence I realized I didn’t have my footage for the fifth step. I must not have hit the record button (doh!) so I had to wait until the next day. I went back to the same spot around the same time and tried again.  But even still, the shots were much darker because the sky was just a little more cloudy the next day.  So I had to improvise: change the story a bit and change location.

I think it all came out pretty good in the end though.  I showed it to a few people outside of class and they laughed, so hopefully others will too.

I learned a LOT of lessons during this project. Too many to name.  Also, I know now what I would do differently for the next project.  I have so much to learn about every aspect of the video-making process!

P.S. This video does not actually relate to my real survival abilities…

P.P.S. I really did get lost in the woods for two days and nearly lost my miiiiind…

5 thoughts on “Five Easy Steps to Surviving the Wild

  1. Christopher Mitchell

    Oh no… I wanted to see this video. I will have to bug you in class or wait until you get the upload fixed.

  2. Patty Kraskoff

    It’s too bad the link isn’t working, I was looking forward to see your video because I saw you working on it in class and it looked pretty interesting. 🙂


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