Family oF Four Formed From Lies…


I was told my whole life that my family, The Johnson’s were a family of four. Everyone reenforced this idea. My parents, my grandparents, even my great-grandparents. Because of this I believed them. I thought that it was just me, my sister, my mother, and my father… but I was wrong. There was once a fifth member of my family, an older brother. However, sometime, somehow he disappeared. Swept away over night like dust in the wind. How I do not know, but I will make it my life quest to find the answer. See for yourself. The documentary pice below shows it all, plan as day, that he did truly exist.




Despite the overwhelming photo and video evidence presented in the video above, my family continues to deny the existence of my older brother. “What are you talking about” they say, “You are crazy”. But no, I am not crazy. They are actually, the ones, who are crazy. Obviously these are videos of a happy family… OF FIVE. Three children and two parents. The web of lies is vast, but I will be the match that brings it all down. Burned by the cinders of truth.

I hope that with this post you will see the value of my endeavor and join me, if not in body, in spirt. Help me uncover the truth of my lost sibling. I beg of you to awaken you inner self and search for the truth of my forgotten past. We must keep the reality from being shrouded in lies and falsehoods. Bring down our tyrannical captors from their seats of power. Who knows, maybe this is all a ploy by the reptoids that run this planet. Maybe he knew the truth, maybe he discovered something that THEY did not want us to know.

Be safe out there, and always



5 thoughts on “Family oF Four Formed From Lies…

  1. Christopher Mitchell

    HEHE…. What the? This is funny stuff. Or wait. No it’s not. I’m so sorry for your loss. You may have never known your older sibling but clearly there is some connection. Or you are just stark raving mad. Either way good luck to you…

  2. Jay Keller

    We’ve gotta stop those reptoids from claiming more family members. Remember this, if you hear hissing throughout the night, your family has been captured by the reptilian masses and you must flee before the reptilians get you like they got your brother!

  3. Hailey Cowlthorp

    Nice use of the five “F’s” in your title, I’m not sure if you meant to do that or not but either way it works. I really enjoyed the story line as well! So sorry about your loss :/ lol


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