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Hey all! This week I made a quick 2(ish) minute video about five content creators that inspire me. To be honest if would probably be better titled “5 Youtube Channels that Inspire me” but they weren’t all youtube channels at first, but this still works. My goal with this project was to familiarize myself with a bit more After Effects work, but primarily to work with a bunch of different programs in tangent with one another. I used Audition, After Effects, Premiere, and Photoshop so I felt like I became a lot more comfortable with working between multiple programs.

On to my list.

I had to cram this into a 2 minute video so there’s a bit more I want to say about my choices, as well as a few honorable mentions.

1. Soviet Womble

Soviet Womble has some hilarious videos. More important for me though is how well he uses text to help give emphasis on a lot of things. He uses many different patterns and positions on his text for very specific situations that reinforce a point or mood. He also uses text to highlight certain gameplay, like adding a simple “pew” to a bullet trail to show how awful his shot was, or to do the same with a “fail” by a horrible grenade, etc.


So PDCSKY is a relatively unknown Youtuber. As of today he has 3,539 subscribers and averages about 400 views a video, which I think is incredibly low for the amount of time and effort he puts into his videos. There is so much editing and research done to his videos it blows me away how nobody seems to know about him. His consistency in professionalism alone inspires me to want to create, and I hope he continues to do his thing.


YSAC is a fantastic youtube channel. He is incredibly creative, surprisingly very helpful, and hilarious. While not ALL of his edits are top notch, they are still meaningful and add a lot to his videos. Not only this but he builds from his mistakes and turns them into more content for his videos, sometimes even long running jokes (like turning on the onion to 400).

4. Matthew at Blade HQ

I felt a little lazy putting Matthew on this list since I literally just talked about him last post, but I wouldn’t be able to make a list of people who inspire me without putting him somewhere on the list. I love his videos, he’s a great guy, and he’s the one who put video editing as a career on my mind, since before he showed me his job I was pretty much only thinking about doing sound work.

5. Ephemeral Rift

Finally we have Uncle E. Ephemeral Rift is an ASMRtist that thinks way outside of the box. Like I said in my video, it might be hard to appreciate his creativity if you’re not into ASMR but to me his creativity and production level in the ASMR community are second to VERY few. Even more so he has some of the most wild ideas I’ve ever heard of, some of which are just so stupid on purpose, it makes them fantastic. He’s full of jokes, and passive aggressive jabs at others (nothing too offensive) and I love seeing him post a new video.

Alright so thats my top 5, heres a few honorable mentions:

  1. My friend Toeri: Has had multiple conversations with me about sticking with my dream and not settling with the first workable product and to keep striving for something I’m happy with.
  2. Goodnight Moon ASMR: Another phenomenal ASMRtist, it was going to be her or Ephemeral Rift, but I ended up going with the latter due to following him for much longer. but her production quality and hard work is no joke. Check her out
  3. My brother Ben. Always tells me to do what I love and to not care about what other people think.

Well thats everything! Thanks a lot for reading!

3 thoughts on “Content Creators that Inspire Me

  1. Andrew Johnson

    You nailed it one this video. I have see a lot list videos on youtube and stuff, but you were able to make this one really interesting and poignant. I really really liked how you were able to animate you text at the start of the video. It was very interesting and pulled me right in.


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