Capturing the Senses

When I saw the suggestion of the five senses for this assignment I figured it could be interesting so I just rolled with it. Obviously the first thing I had to come up with was a concept. How do I capture the basic human senses with my camera? It was a nice day so I sort of just grabbed my sister and started shooting. “Go over and smell that” “Here eat this apple” If there were any onlookers it would seem ridiculous. I thought I had what I needed until I realized that the assignment had to be a minute long at least. I only had a few seconds of footage. So I figured I could do more of a story approach and get five different people and do all the same five shots. But it turns out I don’t even know five people who would be down to do an artsy video shoot thing, so I just used my two other friends. I did not get all the shots I wanted however with the other participants/actors just due to lack of time and resources. None the less I still think I got the point across. Capturing the sense of hearing was the most difficult, I had to brainstorm on that awhile. I tried to get videos of things that you could tell make a noise just by looking at them, but it didn’t fit with my theme very well so I decided to can that idea. I had never used Premier before so editing was rough at first. When it came down to picking music to go over the video I wanted a calm sound that made you think of nature. I have always been interested in video editing and want to learn more about it. Premier is a super cool program and I had a lot of fun messing around with the different features.

4 thoughts on “Capturing the Senses

  1. Christopher Mitchell

    With or without all 5 of the friends, you did a great job of capturing the senses. Well done.

  2. Lola Butcher

    Beautiful scenery and very nicely executed! i really enjoyed the idea behind this video. Even though the capturing of the hearing seemed complicated at first I like what you did with it. Nicely done!


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