Always Check Your Closet


Hello and thank you for checking out my audio project. I know it’s late and I won’t get credit for doing it, but dang it if I didn’t enjoy making this and feel a slight bit of pride towards it.

My goal with this audio project was to make my listener feel uneasy, scared, a tickle on the back of their neck maybe! I had my wife help me structure the story, and it was made to be short and concise as possible for maximum benefit. People usually don’t get scared at something if it’s too drawn out, so I kept that in mind while making this.

I had fun with the sound effects, though it was too short for me to be able to do anything too interesting in regards to sound effects, but I did manage to snag about 4 or 5 new sound effects for my personal use in my other endeavors like making videos or other media. You can never have too big of a sound effects/audio folder, I always say.

Again, thank you so much for enjoying my little story, and I hope it proves a little bit of my ability!

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