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For my professional interview, I had a Facebook messenger interview with Chris Rhatigan, who is actually someone I knew from my hometown, which is Hawley, Pa, who has made a profession in the Multi-Media Industry.  Growing up, Chris enjoyed normal kids things like paintballing, fishing, golfing, and a variety of other things. The way he got into Multi-Media is actually a funny story. When he was in 8th grade, he was what he considered to be on the lazier side, and didn’t really find an interest in any of his classes. While he was preparing for his freshman year schedule for his first year of high school,  he spotted a class called Media. Now being young and lazy he circled it thinking it would just be a class dedicated to nothing but watching movies, but little did he know, the class actually focused on teaching students how to make movies, and he fell in love with it from then on. After high school and after realizing the community college he was attending wasn’t a good fit, Chris moved to Florida where he attended The Florida Institute of Recording Sound Technology, and his passion for multi-media skyrocketed. When I asked Chris whether or not school helped him further his interest and his education in the field, he noted that he loved school, and believe that it gave him a more professional look on video work. Chris currently works for a world-wide Cigar company, where he runs the social media and films their corporate videos. Chris agrees that the industry can be hard, and says he makes most of his money on his side jobs which include directing and filming professional musicians and capturing other miscellaneous s videos/pictures. Another struggle he faces in the multi-media industry is the inconsistent schedule, he can go from having busy weeks and months to no work at all, but in the end, the hectic schedule is worth it, but he says to make sure to find balance and always make time for yourself. One of his favorite pieces of work is “The Race”, which is a song sung by rapper Fetty Wapp. Chris said his hardest obstacle while making “The Race” was that Fetty wanted to shoot in dark allies but that’s not Chris specialty. He states, “Fetty knows I’m still mad at him for that one.” Chris says he got through by working hard and even got Fetty to do some videos at Fetty’s friend’s house so Chris could show him what he really could do with the camera. The interview ended with some advice from Chris, and his most notable advice is that to anyone who is trying to join the industry, you need to just love what you do. If you have the passion and drive, you can accomplish a career in multi-media. Some great advice he received from one of his teachers was to “Go out and shoot every day”, which he still follows and which I will now follow.  “I made a hobby into a true love of directing and I’m very grateful for it.” – Chris.


8 thoughts on “Professional Interview with Chris Rhatigan

  1. Michelle Slaven

    Sounds like you had a great interview! I like how Chris touched on the good and bad sides of being in the industry, and now I will also start shooting everyday!

  2. Lola Butcher

    Great article! I felt like there was a lot of transparency from Chris which made it seem really authentic. I love the motivation thrown in at the ending. When your hobby turns into a passion your life can totally change!

  3. Patty Kraskoff

    You can really feel when someone interviews a person they admire and that is what I got from your interview. He gave some really good advice about the industry and how it can be tough. I think we forget that the road we are on is a journey of ups and downs and loving what we do is how we get through it.

  4. Alex Garcia

    I wonder if Chris has got to shoot with any other artists like Fetty Wap? Regardless that is awesome. Great interview.


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