Nier: A Recommendation

So for this project I had trouble initially coming up with a story to really talk about. I knew I didn’t want to just do something like an Aesop Fable as that would feel too simple and easy honestly and I just wouldn’t be that passionate about it. But when Mel told us that we could tell a story about a game or movie or some kind of experience that we had with said game or movie, I knew immediately what I wanted to talk about especially with my love of analyzing the media I engage with and discussing that love with other people.

So I picked to tell a “story” of sorts about a wonderful game for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 called Nier. (To be honest this is more me telling you of my experiences with the game and breaking down what I feel about its themes and what not in about 5 minutes.)


Nier to me is a sort of unappreciated masterpiece. It’s the type of experience that comes around every once in a while in every medium. Something that comes off as special and that the creator involved (in this case Yoko Taro, who by the way could be a whole case study in his own right in my honest opinion and highly recommend watching any interviews he has done within the past 3 years). Almost as if the creator really had true heart and a true vision about their work even if they didn’t have the full on budget to get every part of it they wanted to across.

Yoko Taro during interviews regarding last year’s hit, Nier Automata. He’s quite the character.

In a way it’s fairly inspiring as someone who wants to create meaningful art and that even if something isn’t the most polished product, or makes a ton of money, it could still resonate with people and become beloved in that way and I hope to be able to hit at least that with some kind of audience someday (though money and success along with those is always very nice too).

Sounds Used: sword-01.wav:



Book, Flipping Through Pages, A.wav:

Music (Shadowlord’s Castle Memory, Shadowlord, The Lost Forest, and Ashes of Dreams New) and dialogue used are from Nier which is owned by Square Enix.


4 thoughts on “Nier: A Recommendation

  1. Andrew Johnson

    I really like the form that you chose for this project. Talking about the game with some added background sounds as well as the score from the made it a lot more intriguing than just dialogue. I really want to give this game a shot! Just gotta get a PS4 first lol. Anyway great work! Your time on this project was well spent!

  2. Kacey Baker

    First off, really good job on your audio. Lines were clearly spoken, and easily understand, though the non-stop talking style could use a few brief moments in between words as to transition from one subject to the next more elegantly. The sound effects that were used clearly go along with the story, adding a bit more ‘umph’ to the story, adding slightly more depth and is more believable. I am super glad more people are enjoying this game and series after release as it is a fantastic story and game to play. Great job!


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