The Hobbit was originally written as a children’s book by JRR Tolkien, and for me that is what it started as. My Dad first read The Hobbit to me when I was about 6 or 7, and from then on I have been in love with the story. I have read the book at least twenty times, and can recall much of it from memory. When Mel introduced this project I knew that I would read section from this book almost immediately. I took a small excerpt from Gandalf and Bilbos first interaction, combined it with a couple of sound effects, and a light ambients track. I hope you enjoy 🙂


Making this project was a lot of fun. I took AUD 120 last term, so I have access to many of the great microphones we have here at Lane. I used that mic to record myself reading the same few minutes a couple times over. Then I brought my recorded files into ProTools where I pasted together the best bits from each take. I added a couple pauses where I needed them, and shortened others. Next I took my bounced file from Pro-Tools and took it into audition where I added my sound effects and ambient sounds that I found through freesound. Finally applied some changes to the my ambient track. I took out many of the lower end frequencies in my ambient track to remove some unwanted car noises. While working on this project I feel like I helped re-solidify my knowledge of Audition and ProTools, as well as learn a few new tricks I hadn’t used before. Thank you for taking the time to listen to my project, I hope it was a pleasant listen.





  • Edam51 – freesound – country atmos

6 thoughts on “Good MORNING!

  1. Michelle Slaven

    I love it! I also grew up with The Hobbit. I can’t even remember how young I was because it’s like these stories were just always there in my memories. You did awesome with the audio. It sounds so clear and the fact that you used nature sounds instead of music is really fitting. I love this scene and it’s so funny knowing they end up such great friends.

  2. Patty Kraskoff

    I didn’t know that the Hobbit was a book series. Good to know! My kids will probably love it.

  3. Jay Keller

    This was a nice and cozy reading. Really liked your use of sound effects throughout this, they really helped immerse me more into the reading itself! I should really get around to watching the LoTR/Hobbit movies honestly, I’ve only seen the first LoTR movie haha.

  4. Kacey Baker

    Your use of audio like the footsteps opening up the beginning of your story, was great. A variety of sound effects all blended together to make a very nice reading. Your voice was clear and understandable. Your audio was a bit quiet, wearing headphones with my volume turned up to 100% it was still more quiet than it should be. Try getting the audio level around -10 to -3 decibels. Good job!


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