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My experience of the audio recording world has always been either on the instrument playing side, or the use of a simple device such as a tape recorder or a 4-track. This is my first attempt at digital recording, track layering, and editing. My goal was to produce a clear Dialogue track while importing music, ambiance, and sound effects to add to the overall tone or mood of the narrative. This particular project gave me time to learn and utilize a fairly basic recording program in Audacity, and experiment with different approaches to recording and editing sound.

I began with a fairly calm introduction as the narrative starts out with only my voice and a music track to introduce the scenario. As the story progresses, I added some basic background ambiance to the mix to set the mood of the surroundings. Finally, after the action of the narrative began to pick up, I added sound effects to portray the events that were happening at the moment. This hopefully made a transition from a calm introduction to a more upbeat middle and ending sequence. Learning the basics of these digital audio recording features should give me the ability to transition into more advanced versions without being completely overwhelmed.

I used the Audio track “The Hangover” for this post located at:

5 thoughts on “Audio Layers

  1. Michelle Slaven

    Great Job Chris! I like the way you used all your sound effects. They perfectly aligned with the story and the breaking glass made me jump! I really got into it, haha!

  2. Kacey Baker

    Your audio was phenomenal. Clearly your audio could have been recorded on something more clear, so you can’t beat on that as we use whatever we have, and for what you did with it, it worked out very, very well. The music conveyed emotion and set the tone for the story, but was a bit overbearing being laid over your voice. Instead what I would recommend is to have all your secondary audio, music, SFX, things like that, be about -5 to -10 decibels lower than your main audio, which is in this case your vocals. Good job!


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