A little bit of sound with a couple of littles

When I started thinking about sound I immediately thought of my kids.  As a parent the most beautiful thing you experience is your child’s first laugh and giggle.  It trumps anything that you previously thought of as a beautiful noise.  So I decided to involve my 7 year old twins into my project.  If I’m being honest, I also was a little skeptical about hearing my own voice and thought that I would probably love to hear there’s instead.  And I absolutely did!

I thought of how sound is so significant and as adult’s our sound pallet differs so drastically to that of what we hear when we are kids.  That is specifically why I wanted to know what they thought where good and bad sounds.  It’s interesting to me that they think of thunder and lightning as bad sounds when to me, as an adult, those are some of my favorites.  The rolling of the thunder the clap of the lightning excite my curiosity and keep me in awe of nature.  However, I do remember hearing thunder and lightening as a child and I do remember it being unnerving.

I did the interview of our voices first.  It took many, many tries and I had to keep refocusing the kids to keep on track and to stop moving and touching and bouncing and twirling….and so on and so on.  Littles don’t like to stay still for very long and their attention span is indeed short.  And microphones pick up all these extra “little behaviors” whether you want them to or not.  So that was indeed a struggle.  Children are pretty difficult to work with when you are wanting a specific outcome, but we did eventually get a couple takes that I thought was pretty good that I was able to piece together.  And through this experience we will most likely buy a snowball to have at home.  It was great fun to use the one that I checked out from the Multi Media equipment check out at Lane.  The audio is amazing in comparison to my lap top mic and it reminded us of the Death Star.

Next, I wanted to incorporate the various sounds we discussed as the background sounds of our voices.  I found the sound affects that I wanted on freesound.org and put them in softly under our conversation.  This too was a problem.  When I had earphones on the background sounds where audible and our voices clear on top of them.  Unfortunately, when I listened to the clip through the speaker on my lap top the background sounds where not distinguishable and the levels where to light to make out the sounds.  When I adjusted the sound levels the opposite happened.  The under sounds where more audible then our speaking voices.  So I did the best I could to correct the sounds to an equal harmony.

All in all I enjoyed the process of using a tool and program that I have had no experience with prior.

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