The Various Resources of Lane Community College

This scavenger hunt assignment was a pretty fun time. Me and Jewel did most of it together, using my Canon Rebel t3i to get our photos. Though we forgot the statue outside of the health and wellness center so that one we did separately and I chose to do the creative shot on my own since I wanted to think more about it and what I wanted it to be.

So to start this journey off we decided to go to the equipment checkout first since that was closest and the place that’s basically been beaten into our heads in various different classes I’ve been in so far (Photography last semester/audio and this class this semester).

  • Equipment Checkout (Building 18)
Here we have Terry on the good ol equipment checkout grind!

We started our journey here as we both knew where exactly where it was and it was the easiest part to locate since both of us had Digital Photography last semester in the same building so ya kinda end up passing by it a lot!

  • Studio with Blue Cyc Wall (Building 18)
I dunno what it is but something about the lighting makes this look like a crumpled blue poster to me.

So I had no clue that this even existed quite honestly. Like I shouldn’t be that surprised but finding it was pretty neat as it wasn’t too far from equipment checkout. The space for it was pretty huge as well with the blue wall itself taking up like a quarter of it.

  • Center for Student Engagement (Center Building, 2nd Floor)
Free popcorn is a pretty hard deal to turn down.

So for some reason I’d always thought that this was somewhere in building 1 for some reason. Not fully sure where I got that idea but it is nice to know that there is a dedicated room to ask about clubs and what not over just looking on the website for it. Gives it a bit of a more personal feel to it. Finding it was pretty simple too thanks to someone from the student help desk (also on the second floor of the center building) pointing us in the right direction.

  • Main Art Gallery on Campus (Building 11, 1st Floor)


What do the shadows say about the duality of man?

I’ve had another photography class in Building 11 so finding the art gallery was pretty easy for us. Though I was a bit confused to if the bigger building behind building 11 is the MAIN art gallery or if it just has extra pieces or something like that. Either way Building 11’s art gallery is pretty nice, great lighting, great showcasing of the works put on display. They even gave away food during the art walk they were having which was pretty cool (I didn’t really want any but Jewel said it was pretty good!)

  • The Art-O-Mat (Building 11, 1st Floor)


The grey parts look like big goofy teeth to me and I can’t unsee it.

I straight up knew exactly what this was once I looked up how to find whatever the Art-O-Mat even was. I’ve passed by this so many times from when I had photography in Building 11. I just never paid any actual attention to what it was called and when I first saw it again I kinda laughed. It looks pretty neato though.


  • The Library Reference Counter (Center Building, 2nd Floor)
Coming up with a references joke that doesn’t make me hurt inside is surprisingly difficult. 

I’ve actually personally never been into the library here honestly. I’ve always wanted to stop by but just never have due to either time or laziness. Walking in and over to the reference desk at first was a little awkward as I tried to get out the words to ask if it was cool if the guy working at the desk was cool with being photographed. He was really nice and chill about it though and now I know where the reference desk is so it a pretty nice experience.

  • Statue outside of Health and Wellness Center 
I wasn’t sure whether or not to keep the table in frame or not.

I completely forgot this building existed, which to me is pretty funny since it’s right in front of the school. I’m not an observant person sometimes!

I had to go on my own a few days after me and Jewel got our photos together and finding where this building was located was a journey in itself. I thought, health and wellness is probably the gym area around building 4 and 5. I took pictures of the boy with the tree coming out of his head statue for assurance but decided to look around more.

I ended up going behind the school, down near the track and football field. I never realized there were some nice paths and things all around the school like that. So much so that I might start taking more walks during my down times here. And from there I ended up looping around, finding a Veteran garden which was pretty nice, relaxing and fairly barren with no people if a bit barren in terms of what the garden fully had.

Then I looped around and remembered “Oh yeah the Health and Wellness building is in the front of the school isn’t it?” and then I found it. The statue itself was pretty interesting, I didn’t actually take too much of a look at what the words said on the sides but I did take a step inside and look up at the clouds. It was pretty relaxing for a minute.

  • Mary Jo Kreindel’s Office (Building 11, 1st Floor)
I relate to the clutter in that office pretty hardcore.

This was fairly easy for me and Jewel to find as Mary Jo’s office was thankfully right next to the Art-O-Mat, art gallery, and Judy Gates’s office so we kinda killed like 4 birds with one stone! Unfortunately I don’t think she was there so I didn’t get a chance to meet her but what can ya do I guess?

  • Media Creation Lab (Center Building, 2nd Floor, Library)
Who’s bad at keeping their reflection out of images? Not me no way.

After we got our Reference desk photos me and Jewel ended up coming back to find this one as we totally ended up missing where it was located. We got help again from the wonderful people at the student help desk right outside of the library and found it was just on the other side of the library. We ended up finding it and it seemed fairly barren. No one was using it but there were many stations setup for doing editing/media arts work.

I might start using my down time at the library more to get work done in there as it honestly looked cozier then the indie lab to me. (Unrelated Side Note: They were also carrying a manga I thought was slightly obscure so I was surprised and now wanting to see their full collection is a pretty exciting thing)

  • Judy Gates Office (Building 11, 1st Floor)
I may not have a huge interest in much theatre but that is a nice poster I gotta say.

After the art gallery photo me and Jewel ended up getting our photos of Judy Gates’s office. While we were in the process funnily enough, Judy herself ended up coming out and greeting us. She was very nice and friendly and was pretty cool with us getting photos. I’ve been meaning to meet her for a while honestly since she is one of our main program advisors and I’m pretty glad that I know what she actually looks like now.

  • Mel’s Office (Building 18, Room 216)
I’ve got Jan’s Visual Literacy class too!

As soon as we finished getting photos of the cyc wall we immediately went straight for Mel’s office as we both knew where it was. Funnily enough though, Jan (another media arts professor here at Lane) was having a meeting with a student. She noticed us and acknowledged us nicely as we tried not to disturb her too much as we got our photos. It was pretty funny and a fairly quick photo session in my opinion.

  • Flags inside of the Students First Building (Building 1)
I love the way the lights are bouncing off of the flags. It just looks nice.

So this is apparently the student’s first building? Had absolutely no idea it was called that until I did this so hey the more you know right? I’ve passed through here who knows how many times at this point due to the counseling center, financial aid, etc. It does make sense given those resources along with the gender equity center and the student pantry.

So when we got there I messed with the white balance on my camera a bit to try getting the lights to look more yellowish white then the blue I took the picture at. I think it makes the flags stand out a little nicer though I feel like I could’ve focused the shot more on the flags honestly.

  • Turkey Shot

I ended up taking this on a different day and it was pretty funny. I tried a couple of turkey shots on the field next to building 16 where the turkeys tend to roam. When that didn’t end up working out all that well for a creative shot, I noticed this turkey in the distance right under Building 17.

I thought it was perfect and I kept my distance to try to get some fun blur shots with it. I got some okay ones with it kicking the dirt its claws kept getting buried under but I was really fond of this one. I really dig head distortion type photos/imagery. Stuff like some of the monsters in the Silent Hill games with their head twitching and head distortion they use in that or Jacob’s Ladder (which funnily enough is one of the major inspirations for the Silent Hill games) as a film example.

So while it’s not the most perfectly framed. I really liked it even if it isn’t to that effect of distortion effect I could’ve achieved with it. Makes me want to experiment with distortion like that more via video and photography.

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  1. Hailey Cowlthorp

    Hello! I enjoyed the fact that there is a room dedicated to clubs and activities as well! I personally had a hard time finding the center itself, I had to ask around so I could find it. I wish that It was easier to find, maybe more signs that point to where it was better… Anyhow, I really enjoyed the little sign out front, so I snapped a photo of that as well! Good work!


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