Resources for Media Arts Students at Lane

I was instructed to do this sort of “scavenger hunt” for the class this blog is for. The instructions were to take images of specific locations that act as resources for media students at my school, and then write about them, or the journey or whatever. I know where all of these locations are, save for one, but I didn’t end up with all the images largely due to my agoraphobia.

The first location was supposed to be the equipment checkout counter, my plan was to get an image while it wasn’t open because I don’t like taking pictures of people, and there’s usually a lot of people around when it’s open. I may still get that image and add it on here.

The next location was the “blue cyc wall” which is some sort of surface for photography, and probably video as well. What exactly it’s for is something I am unsure of. My first thought is that it might behave similarly to a green screen but I’d have to ask someone to be sure. I know what room it’s in, but every time I went by the door to it was closed so I wasn’t sure if it was being used or was inaccessible.

The third location I was unable to locate, I’m fairly unfamiliar with the center building beyond the store, so locating the Center for Student Engagement was something I was unable to do for some reason.

The fourth place I was to locate was the campus art gallery, I believe there are two areas that count as the art gallery in this building but I decided to take a picture of the gallery with the two walls of windows, I’m unsure what the current art installment is exactly but it’s pretty interesting.

The next thing I needed to photograph was something called the “Art-o-Mat” which is some sort of old school cigarette dispenser converted into an art dispenser, how art goes into the machine, or how it gets chosen to go in I am totally unsure. However it’s still a neat thing to pass by.

The next place on the list was the reference counter in the Library. While I did locate the counter the sheer amount of people in the library at the time stopped me from taking a picture of it.

Interestingly the next thing I needed to capture an image of was a silver sculpture located on campus. I’ve passed through this thing many times before, and it’s always felt Like I was walking through a gateway to an alternate reality. Not one where something is drastically different, but one where the sky is just a slightly different shade of blue, or maybe salt is just a little more salty.

Next was to find the office of one Mary Jo Kreindel, now I don’t really know what she does for students, and maybe I’ll find that out one day, but I was able to locate her office.

The next location was another one I was unable to locate was the media creation lab, another place somewhere in the center building.

The location following that one I could actually find, it was the office of Judy Gates, the adviser for media arts students. While I haven’t spoken with her personally I probably should do so to help with my path through these classes. The image is pretty bad though, not sure why it ended up so blurry.

Probably one of the easiest locations for me to find was the office of my teacher Mel, which she happens to share with another one of my teachers, who I’d actually visited last term for a different class.

The second to last thing I had to do was take a picture of something in the first building on campus, though it was specified to take a picture of the flags I think that might have been a suggestion more than a requirement, either way my image of the flags includes the worst and least flag-like flag.

The last thing that was asked of me was to take an image of either some construction on campus, or one of the local turkeys. Unfortunately I haven’t actually seen any turkeys lately, I’m not sure where they’ve been, but everyone I’ve walked it’s seemed like the construction has finished up so I haven’t found anything to take an image of regarding that.

That was the “scavenger hunt”. It wasn’t something I’d call enjoyable, but it’s done.

~David Jayden Devo Schwebke

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