Resources for Media Arts Students Around Lane Campus

This is my SP18-P2 Scavenger Hunt post of various resources for Media Arts students at Lane Campus. Join me as I take you through a few locations to help both you and I with our learning process!

#1 Equipment Checkout
  1. Equipment Checkout Window: This location in building 18 is where you can get the stuff that makes the magic happen! Cameras, Microphones, Lenses, all equipment necessary to make your masterpiece!
#2 Blue Wall of Lane

2. Blue Cyc Wall: Located in a room directly beside (to the left) of the Checkout Window is the blue screen room! Useful for projects in videography, you’ll have an easy time ‘keying’ your way to a beautiful background!

#3 Center for Student Engagement

3. Center for Student Engagement: ‘Center’ is the key word here. Located in the center building across from the library (Next to the stairs leading to the cafeteria) this is where you as a student can go to get help planning for your success at Lane, as well as find carious clubs and resources helpful to you!

#4 Main Art Gallery

4. Main Art Gallery: This lovely galleria (Also home to the Glass Room art exhibit) is located in building 11. Lovely and strange art pops into these exhibits from time to time, and can be your source of quick artistic inspiration!

#5 Art-O-Mat

5. The Art-O-Mat: This nifty little machine was once a cigarette vending machine, but was converted to vend art instead of cancer! You can find these suckers in about 100 different locations all over the United States, with one being located in building 11 on the Lane Campus, right next to the Art Exhibits located in the same building!

#6 Student Help Desk

6. Library Identifier, ‘SHeD’: SheD stands for ‘Student Help Desk’, and is located right inside both entrances to the library, where you can get help on various things such as locations, resources, and books!

#7 Silver Sculpture

7. Beautiful Man in Front of Silver Sculpture: This man, is me, and no I won’t tell you where to find me! I will however tell you how to find the Silver Sculpture, easily spotted outside in the courtyard of the Health and Wellness building, located at the end of the city bus loading bay!

#8 Mary Jo Kreindel’s Office

8. Mary Jo Kreindel’s Office: This office belongs to the Arts division Office Specialist, and is available to help you with your..Office Specialist needs! First door on your right if you’re coming in from the entrance closest to the center building.

#9 Media Creation Lab

9. Media Creation Lab: This is an easy one. Go to the SHeD in the library, and look behind you! This lab located directly across from the Student Help Desk is an easily accessible place to go if you need a good computer with access to Adobe tools, Microsoft Office, and many more programs to help you succeed!

#10 Judy Gates’ Office

10. The Legendary Judy Gates: Known as the ‘Media Arts Wizard’, she is your adviser and mentor for all things Media Arts! Find her lair as the first door on the left of the last hallway going away from the center building in building 11, just after the Art Gallery!

#11 Mysterious Mel’s Office

11. Mysterious Mel: You may be asking yourself, “Who is ‘Mel’ and what makes the mysterious??” Well my friend, let me tell you a tale of epic proportions and ghastly obstacles of no observable proportion…Just kidding, I have no idea who this is. Nope, no idea. Find this strange office in building 18, past the the checkout counter and blue screen room, take a right at the end of the hall and it’s one of the doors on your left!

#12 Flags of Lane

12. The Students First Building: Otherwise known as building 1, this building holds many things from the Financial Aid help desks, to the testing labs for beginners here at Lane. Find this building right next to the bus station! The big words that say ‘Student Success Starts Here!’ will give it away.

#13 Student Success Starts Here!

13. Creativity! I chose this picture to represent my creative shot because student success and an establishing shot of the front of building 1 was too good to pass up! This ends the scavenger hunt on my part, but opens up a whole new side to Lane that even I didn’t know about before performing this project.


In conclusion, this was a fun project to get to walk around Lane’s campus for a little while and learn where useful resources to student may hide. While Lane’s Campus can be a bit confusing, there is a help desk around almost every corner! Plus, if you’re ever lost, the big glass building in the center is pretty hard to miss. If you need anything, just go there and ask around! Thank you for joining me, Baken Bits!


4 thoughts on “Resources for Media Arts Students Around Lane Campus

  1. Taylor

    I enjoy how you contrast the inside and the outside of building 1 in the end it really gives a feel for what lane has to offer.

  2. Jay Keller

    I really liked the little flair and spice ya gave your descriptors of each locale! Really gives a nice sense of yourself. Nice selfie too!


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