I Got Animation Mentored

After spending much more time than I wanted looking for a site that I wanted to write about on my blog, Michelle pointed one out to me that I hadn’t visited yet. It’s called Animation Mentor.

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 2.51.48 PMAnimation Mentor is a learning site with services ranging from a free sharing space for people who want to talk about different animation tips and tricks, to a full online animation school. You can enroll in classes that teach a verity of programs and techniques for new and advanced animators. However I was focused on the blog portion of the site, witch was exactly what I had hoped.

The blog features posts from a wide verity of people, all of which seemed to be more than knowledgable about their subject. As someone who is just coming into the world of media with an interest in animation the article titled “What NOT to do as a new animator” immediately caught my eye. The post is headed with a intriguing image (a name tag with “I’m new here” written across). Subheading the image is a note about the author of the post Kevin Koch. The note tells us a little about is background and experience coming into animation late in the game after working as a doctor and neuroscientist that has now become the head animator at Guerrilla Games, a company with a lot of accomplishments under its belt.Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 3.11.08 PM

In addition to the introductory image and info about the author, the rest of the post is formatted in somewhat of a list format. I found this format of bolded headings easy to read and digest while also supplying information that I found to be very valuable and interesting.

I honestly found the blog on Animation Mentor to be one of the best resources that I have been introduced to in terms of its applicability and potency of information. All of the posts I read were shot and sweet. They give some context on the writer, so that we know what they are saying is valuable, and so that we can connect with them a little as a person before we move on reading. The blog is formatted in a way that is easy to navigate and use. It allow for community interaction through the form of comments. Comments which many of the authors will address in their articles in notes after publication. And finally the thing that stood out to me the most was how cross applicable all of the tips are. While these posts are written for animators by animators, what they are saying are things that could be put to use anywhere. Such as Kevin Koch’s tip “Don’t take criticism personally” criticism is something that any professional artist will face during their carrier, especially at the start, and knowing how to take it is vitally important for all fields. Another example is in another post titled “Why Learning Cartoony Animation Makes You a Better Animator” by Mark Oftedal. In his post he writes about how this style of animation will help to lock down the fundamentals of the art. While cartoony animations may only apply to animation, knowing a style that helps build fundamental skills is vital to being a good artist, and knowing that can apply to anyone animator or not.

I hope you all get a chance to visit this blog, I promise you’ll find something interesting there when you do!

And thanks again to Michelle directing me here! Go check out her post about his site as well!

5 thoughts on “I Got Animation Mentored

  1. Michelle Slaven

    I’m so glad you checked out this blog and decided to write about it as well! Not only does it really sink it in how amazing it is (being on here twice), but you have different and similar things to say about it as well, which I think is great. I like seeing the things that catch other peoples’ eyes.

  2. Markus Guirand

    This is sick! I’ve been considering about getting into animation since I have the software for it. Thanks for sharing


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