Google Animation Blogs. Seriously, Do it!

Any person interested in going into an animation career should most definitely take a look at this blog, Animation Mentor.  Not only is it a blog, but also an incredible source of information all about animation!  It also features some things you might need to think about while on your way.

Animation Mentor

Each blog post offers some new perspective or tip.  It also features blogs from up and coming students, people who have been in the industry for years, and stories of how successful animators became successful.  It is extremely inspiring for me and I believe it will be for others as well.  These are all reasons why I chose to post about this blog, but I also chose it because of it’s ease of use and the coherency of it’s layout.

Above, in the snapshot of the blog’s front page, you can see on the bottom right where there are different categories to choose from.  This makes it so easy to look for something specific.  Also, at the top there is a drop-down bar where you can navigate through the website quickly and effectively.

Another thing I haven’t mentioned yet, this website is also an online school.  Many of you reading this will of course already be in enrolled in school for animation, but I thought it was still an awesome perk to this site.  Perhaps if wanted, one could find out what they have to offer as well (couldn’t hurt, right?).

In conjunction with that, there is a resources drop-down menu at the top, that will take you to webinars, videos about different tips and tricks from other animators, and links to finding ebooks or podcasts also about this field, all for free.   It is a GOLD MINE of information!  I watched one webinar about the bouncy ball technique and it was amazing to see how something so simple could transfer into so many different styles and techniques of animating.

I think this website was put together by people that once felt like we do – A little lost, overwhelmed maybe, and definitely excited – and they created this amazing online resource (and online school) to help us find an easier way into achieving what we love and aspire to do.   I applaud these efforts and will continue to resort to this site for years to come.  Hey, maybe one day they will feature one of us!

Here is the name and URL:

I whole heartedly encourage everyone to check it out!  And just for good measure, I will name some other sites I found that were also awesome:

  • Angry Animator – my 2nd most favorite
  • AnimSchool Blog
  • Artella



6 thoughts on “Google Animation Blogs. Seriously, Do it!

  1. Andrew Johnson

    Thanks again for sharing this blog with me! I have been reading posts on it for the last few days, and I will absolutely be using it dow the road. Also I checked out Angry Animator also, that blog is sick!


  2. Christopher Mitchell

    This looks incredible. I will definitely check it out. I actually feel like I know everything about this blog site just from the information you provided. Thanks for the hot tip..


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