My New Go-To Places for Media Art


As I begin my new journey in the Multi Media Art program, I was encouraged to wander around and find some of the most important places I will be visiting often. Half of these places I have never seen or even knew existed. This was a crucial step in familiarizing myself with the media arts locations and the people involved in the program. To start off this process, I was directed to the equipment checkout department so I could check out my first camera and begin my photo-shoot. Thank you Terry and Misty for the “Pink” digital camera.


As I continued onward, my next destination was the studio with the Blue cyc wall. This immediately reminded me of Return of the Jedi behind the scenes footage of Luke and Leia riding the cruiser bikes in the Endor forest. I’m sure the technology is a little more sophisticated then it was in 1983.


Time for a popcorn break at the Center for Student Engagement.


At this particular point of the hunt, I was in unfamiliar territory. I had never ventured past the center building. I found building 11 and the main art gallery which was hosting an exhibit. I was immediately drawn to the dog.


At first glance I thought this was an old cigarette dispensing machine until I thought about the name Art-O-Mat and realized it was a converted laundry soap dispenser. Our first question was did it work? I guess we should have tried it out.


As we approached the reference counter in library, there were people eagerly waiting to help us with any questions we might have. They were just as eager to scatter as we began to take pictures for this assignment.


There were so many ways I could have gone about photographing this large silver sculpture, but I wanted to capture the size of it. This is another feature at L.C.C . I have never seen. How could I miss it?


I have yet to meet her but this is apparently where to find Mary Jo Kreindel, the Arts Division Office Specialist.


I do not own a mac so I guess the Media Creations Lab is one of my project destinations now. It’s good to know where these resources are located.


This would be a great place to go if you have questions or are interested in the media arts program. Home of Media Arts Adviser Judy Gates.


This is Mel’s office and apparently docking bay 94 for the Millennium Falcon.


Building 1 or the Student building is home to student counseling, advising, financial aid, and Flags. This is a must stop for any new student to Lane.














8 thoughts on “My New Go-To Places for Media Art

  1. Andrew Johnson

    It was a lot of fun getting to tour around campus with you last week! There are some really great resources here for us to use!

  2. Michelle Slaven

    Hey Chris,
    I love your commentary on these photos/places! It was a lot of fun having a little crew to run around campus and find places with. I think it made the whole assignment much more memorable. Here’s to a great term!

  3. Kacey Baker

    Hey Christopher, you and I had a lot of the same experiences around the campus. Though I’m not so sure most of us going around campus knew even half of those places existed beforehand! But also that behind the scenes footage of the Star Wars scene was pretty interesting. Nice read.


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