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I was recently given a list of important places around LCC that I should know and was instructed to go take pictures of them. I’ve been attending lane for a few terms, off and on, and I am a little embarrassed to admit that I had no idea where or what most of these places were. That being said, this process what a bit of a journey, but lets get started.

Firstly, we have the Equipment Checkout Building in building 18:

DSC_0007 copy

The equipment checkout is exactly what you might guess it is, a place for students to checkout equipment. The people who work here are incredibly helpful so if you haven’t checked anything out before they can help you out a lot!

Next is the “Clue Cyc Wall” right next door. (In fact you can see the door to the left in the picture above.)


I’ve never used this before, but I have seen people using it and it looks pretty sweet. I can’t wait to use it myself soon!

Next is the Center for Student Engagement room in the center building:


This is the first place on this list that I didn’t recognize, but by chance I happened to be next to a sign for it so I was able to just follow those and quickly found it! If you’re looking for ways to get involved with the school, or looking for extra curricular activities the people are are who you ask.


Here’s the main Art Gallery on campus, which is always cool to walk around and look at what they have up in there. There was one piece there during one of my first terms that was of a broken abstract figure, which at first I thought was part of the design of it, but it turns out someone actually just broke it one day unfortunately.



This is the Art O’ Mat. It’s an old cigarette dispenser that was turned into an Art dispenser, which is really cool. The amount of times I have walked right by this thing and never seen it is pretty ridiculous though.


This is the Wildish Circulation desk. Now I was told to find the reference counter… and to be honest this could very well BE the reference counter, but the people here were very helpful and resourceful for me so I figured this would be considered a proper “identifier” in the LCC library.

Next up is the large silver sculpture outside the Health and Wellness building.


This was way harder to find than it should have been for me. Mostly because I thought this was supposed to be outside the health clinic so I walked around in circles trying to find it. Ah well, I found it eventually.


This is Mary Jo Kreindel’s office, the arts division office specialist. I had to wait a minute or two to wait for the crowd of people outside her office to get the help they needed, so she is a very helpful resource it seems!


This is the Media Creation Lab, another resource in the library. It is a useful space if you need to work on most multimedia projects, or just need to work with any adobe product in general.

Next is Judy Gates’ office:


She’s the academic advisor for Media Arts and ESL students, she’s incredibly nice and one of the best people to go to if you’re looking for help.

DSC_0009.JPG             DSC_0010.JPG

A couple of pictures of Mel Stark’s office, our fearless instructor. I took a picture of the name plate as well as the door with the decorated window because most people don’t seem to have anything cool like that on display.


The first building (building 1) was the next stop. Which is weird that it’s so far down the list considering for a lot of people this was the first building students walked into at lane (as the name suggests). The flags that span across the ceiling are really cool, and to be honest they’re much more surreal in person, so you should go check them out yourself if you haven’t already.

Lastly, and arguably the most iconic part of Lane are the damn turkeys.


To be honest I wasn’t going to take a picture because I wanted a picture of one with its feathers up and spread out and there weren’t any like that at the moment. But as I was leaving this little guy (girl?) started to follow me around, for a good ways across the field and onto the sidewalk, so I had to take a picture of it since it obviously wanted me to.


Here’s another one.


7 thoughts on “Iconic Places around LCC

  1. Alex Garcia

    I agree with your statement about the flags. It’s a great spot and I would advise others to do the same. There’s many flags I recognize but at the same time so many others that I don’t recognize at all.

  2. Kacey Baker

    I had the same knowledge as you did starting out. I knew nothing about this campus except for the locations of the classes I’ve attended here so far. I had never seen the Art-O-Mat before this assignment either. I went by there regularly when I had art classes last term and I passed it mostly every day. Much like most of these locations too I suppose!


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