A Journey it was!

When we were first assigned the Scavenger Hunt I couldn’t help but feel as though it would be a redundant task for me, as I already know Lane and the Media Building quite well. However it turned out that I was quite mistaken. While I knew the locations quite well, I did not anticipate doing this assignment as a sort of guide for some of my classmates who did not know Lane as well as I do. In this somewhat alternate task I found that the Scavenger Hunt was not redundant at all, rather it proved to be very fun and exciting as I had the opportunity work with my new classmates.

We traveled as a trio that consisted of myself, Michelle, and Chris. The three of us took both of last weeks classes to complete this assignment as we shot the whole thing twice. Once on our phones, and a second time using cameras from checkout.

Our first stop was the checkout below. This is where we checked out our gear, and Michelle and Chris got aquatinted with Terry and Misty.


The second stop was the blue wall. The prospect of getting to use this tool one of these days makes me so excited! We could do some really cool projects here.



Center For Student Engagement is always a fun stop. Who can give up free popcorn?


The main art gallery is one of my favorite places on campus, especially in the spring when the high school show is on. While down here I actually was able to see on of the family friends daughters drawings.


The Artomat! I’ve never really been sure about what this thing does, but it sure looks cool. I am sure someone put a lot of work into this, and it never fails to impress me.


Research Help is a great spot when you are woking on papers in the Library. I haven’t used it much since joining the media arts program, but when I was a Bio major I was here almost every week. The staff here are fantastic.


THE BIG SILVER SCULPTURE! I for some reason have always really liked this installation. It is big and complex, but keeps from feeling overdone or too much, and is much better then those yellow sculptures that used to be here. Michelle has a great picture on her blog of her standing in the center looking up.


Mary Jo Kreindel’s Office. I personally have never met with Mary Jo, but I am sure one day I may get to in some form or another.


The Media Creation Lab. I have just started to use this lab this term, and I am really enjoying it. Last term I only used the indie lab in building 18, which is great, but I have found the the creation lab stays a bit more quite. I typically use this room in the mornings when I come early before class.


Judy Gates office. Now this is a place that we should all be seeing a lot of! Meeting with the academic advisors at least once a term is vital to staying on track as well as staying engaged. You never know when planned classes might be moving around, and staying on top of that stuff is so important.

IMG_0005 (640X480)

Mel’s office is one of the most important places on this hunt. Knowing where your instructors offices are is so important to being successful in school. Just checking in to stay on track or ask questions will save so much time and headaches in the future.


The hall of flags in building one. From what I was told when I came on a tour here in 2016 was that these flags represent all of nations that are represented here at Lane. People from all over the world come here for an accessible education.


And finally we can not forget about the turkeys here! There is noting like carrying pounds on pounds of camera gear on the bus only to arrive at lane and slip in some turkey poop just before you get into the media arts building.


8 thoughts on “A Journey it was!

  1. Christopher Mitchell

    Hey Andrew,
    Love the pics. I feel like you got some different angles even though we were basically standing in the same space to take them. Thanks for showing us where the media rooms are located. If not for you I may have been found wandering lost in a field..

  2. Michelle Slaven

    These photos turned out great! You definitely know how to use a T5 better than I do… its okay though, I will learn! Thanks for showing me around, like Chris said, or I seriously would have been lost. Plus, now I also know where to get free snacks!
    This is gonna be a fun term!

  3. Braden Bollinger

    Thats a sweet Art O’ Mat close up, in fact all of these photos look really good. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  4. Alex Garcia

    I really like your turkey shot it. I don’t know how long it took to get that shot but good job on that. And the fact that it was sunny when you took the shot makes it better.

  5. Taylor

    I really like Your Turkey shot It really shows how colorful they can be when they display their feathers.

  6. Kacey Baker

    I’m gonna have to agree with the other comments when we say that your pictures turned out great. Thanks to that great checkout camera and the photographers for the shots! Otherwise, I also learned more about this campus from doing this assignment. Many things like the popcorn I had no idea about!


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