A Few Important Places

I have learned in this past week, which is my first here at Lane, there are many places and resources I was not privy to.  Thanks to our instructor Mel and this assignment, “Scavenger Hunt”, I have found a little footing in this place.  Now I won’t look like the weirdo chick wandering around seemingly aimless.

Which brings us to the first and one of the very important places.


#1 copy

Here we have some very lovely folks (as you can see from the above photo) ready to help us check-out equipment we may need for our classes.  There is some great stuff available and Terry and Misty are rad, funny, and super helpful. Go say hi!

Ooooh… the Blue Cyc Wall.  I cannot wait to see what kind of projects this will bring to life!

#2 copy

My initial desire was to take a photo of myself or one of my classmates inside with only the blue background, but I thought I’d better heed the signs.  I’ll wait ’til I have the right shoes. And the right class.

Below is a photo of the entrance of the Center for Student Engagement.

#3 copy

This is a great place, not only for the resources it provides us students, but for the lovely smell of popcorn they give away.

#4 copy

Above, is the main Art Gallery.

The ART-O-MAT!  This is a gem.  I love how retro it is, and it actually works!  I didn’t have a 5 dollar bill on the scavenger hunt, so I will definitely be going back to see what I’ll get.

#5 copy

This is the reference desk at the library, which goes without saying.   The attendants really didn’t want to be in the photo, so I zoomed.

#6 copy

Below is the beautiful metal installation here on campus, among others.  With me for reference.

#7 copy

Mary Jo Kreindel’s office.  The Administrative Coordinator.

#8 copy.png


#9 copy

Above is the Media Creation Lab, where we can go to work on our MultiMedia projects while on campus.

#10 copy

Judy Gates’ office, she is the Academic Advisor for the arts division.

#11 copy

Ah yes,  here we have Mel Stark’s office!  I had to take a close up of Batman and C-3PO!  I felt it was a more exciting than a closed door, as Mel was back at the classroom waiting for us to finish our hunts.


12 copy

The flags at the students first building.  I love the color and light, the architecture and design.

13 copy

And lastly, another lovely sculpture on Lane’s campus.  It was a very rainy day and my lens got wet here but I kind of like the photo anyway, gives it a little motion.

And that’s it for my photos.  I definitely have better bearings now, and it was a fun adventure with my classmates!

6 thoughts on “A Few Important Places

  1. Christopher Mitchell

    Thanks for hangin’ with me for the photo shoot. I am glad you decided to keep your last shot even with the water spots. I think it turned out more interesting that way.

  2. Andrew Johnson

    Touring around campus last week was a lot of fun! We’ll have to work on some more projects down the road!
    I also really liked how simple and fun your captions were on this post!

  3. Braden Bollinger

    Cool photos! I don’t know where that sculpture even is but I like it! Gotta love that Oregon rain too!


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