Taking the Leap.

Hello, my name is Hailey! My go-to phrase would have to be “take a leap of faith,” it is a saying that I have stuck with ever since I was in high school. This phrase impacted my life tremendously, in which it was a reminder to always take the harder route, and to not be afraid of the “what if’s” in life. I have made the majority of my decisions with the help of this saying, and because of it have learned immensely about who I should be as a person, and an individual amongst others in this world. The biggest leap I have taken so far would have to be when I decided that I was going to move away for college from my home in Portland, OR to school in Eugene at the University of Oregon. Although it was scary, I knew deep down that I was going to be able to make a real life for myself away from home. Ultimately, the idea of being an adult and having the responsibility to do as I please was far too appealing to stay home and stick to what I knew.

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I am constantly thinking about others, and I feel like I have a very good understanding on how people act the way they do, and why they feel the way they feel. I am very comfortable with myself, which is why I devote my attention to others, rather than making my life all about “me.” Whenever I sit down and think about who I am, and how I became this way I realize that the people I have surrounded myself with in life have had the largest impact on my persona. I am caring and compassionate, spontaneous and outgoing. Most of all, I love the life I live and I am thankful for the people that I have met this far in my journey. Life can be scary (the majority of the time), but being scared of what to come is something I don’t waste much time thinking about because I am a firm believer in “taking the leap,” and that if I continue to take the leap, I will somehow, someway, end up where I am supposed to be.

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  1. Patty Kraskoff

    Hi. It’s great that you chose to move away from home to pursue your education. There is so much growth that happens that way. I moved from Tualatin for the same reason many years ago and never left. It was one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made. I wish you good luck!


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