Musical Chairs

Jon Lanz-Drums  Ken Holst-Guitar  Christopher Mitchell-Bass  John Hurd-Vocals

As this is my first attempt at a blog post of any kind, I will start with an introduction. I was born in Anaheim, California (home to a little theme park known as Disneyland) way back in 1971. Two years later after the arrival of my younger sister, my family packed up and headed to Eugene, Oregon where I attended Willakenzie Elementary, Monroe Middle, and Sheldon High school.

I discovered my love of music in the 6th grade when I took up the snare drum in the school band despite my mother’s suggestion of the oboe. I would bring home a school rented snare drum and ride cymbal so I could play along with any songs featured in the Miami Vice television show soundtrack. My percussion career came to a halt when I discovered Heavy Metal and more specifically, Steve Harris, bass player of Iron Maiden. I shed my members only jacket for a leather one, grew my hair out, and joined my first metal band as a bass guitarist when I was 15. I believe this was the transitional period that shaped the next 20 years of my life.

Shortly after graduating from high school and exhausting the local music venues, I made a move with my then current drummer to San Francisco, California in 1991 where I lived, worked, and played for the next 15 years. During this time I toured with bands across the nation and have played shows in 46 of our 50 United States. These  were some of the fondest (and foggiest) memories of my musical endeavors.

I am currently enrolled in the Computer Science program and experimenting with the Media Arts program at Lane Community College. I hope to gain the necessary skills to begin a career in audio and video production where I could showcase my life-long passion of music.

-Christopher Mitchell

6 thoughts on “Musical Chairs

  1. Patty Kraskoff

    It seems that you have already had a pretty amazing ride! It’s awesome that your setting yourself up for your next amazing adventure. This one seems like it might not be as foggy 🙂 . Wish you luck!

  2. Kacey Baker

    I gotta say, it was really interesting to read about your lifestyle and the choices you made that lead you to the point you’re at now. There’s so much blank to be filled in there it only makes me want to know more about the life you lived. It’s also really interesting to see that you switched instruments a few times but ended up playing the bass for that long! I would love to hear some of your music, and am interested in what genres you played and what type of bands you would compare your own to! Very interesting read, and I think you should post more and try to get people onto your blog because it really could turn into something special and prosperous for you!


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