Introverted Editor Spills All

Heyo there, my name is Jaylen but you can just call me Jay.

I’m a 21 year old from a small town in California who has hopeful dreams of becoming a film/video editor whose pretentious art will be able to touch people’s hearts or minds. I want to make things that either entertain or make people think about what they’re watching. I want to connect with other people through the art/content I create or help others to create.

I moved out here initially to pursue game development but ended up floating around until I came to the conclusion that I want to get into editing.


I’ve been pretty passionate about film since I was a kid. I remember wanting to be a director before realizing that my real passion was the editing process. I tend to edit my own videos for fun (nothing I’d share here though ;3) and to me editing is like solving a puzzle in a way.

It’s all about putting the pieces together and constructing something to put out and share with other people. For me the process is just really fun and interesting regardless of if I succeed or fail, especially since editing is such a key part of the process.

My hobbies tend to include playing/discussing video games, watching/discussing/analyzing film and anime, listening to music, writing every once in a blue moon, and sleeping way too much. Biking and photography tend to

It’s nice to meet you all.

P.S. Perfect Blue and Ghost in the Shell are phenomenal films that everyone should watch.




12 thoughts on “Introverted Editor Spills All

  1. Christopher Mitchell

    Hey Jay,
    Sounds like you have already got a taste of some of the types of work out there in the media world. I hope your future jobs include more editing projects so you can have enough puzzles to keep you busy doing what you love to do. Great to have you in this program and hope to get a chance to formally meet you. Just don’t get me started on video games, you wont be able to shut me up.

    1. Jaylen Keller

      Thank ya my dude and hopefully I can meet ya as well! And I feel ya on the video games part, I can go on for a while about a great game or two myself!

  2. Braden Bollinger

    Right on! I love to edit videos too but have never made any to edit for myself, so I think that’s pretty cool. By the way Ghost in the Shell has been on my plan to watch for a long ass time, I really should watch it soon.

    1. Jaylen Keller

      I feel that, I’m planning to try to shoot some of my own footage to experiment with at some point but just need the time to do it. And I hope ya enjoy it if you end up getting around to it!

  3. Patty Kraskoff

    Hi Jay!
    It’s awesome that you’ve found your passion and direction, especially being your age. I wish you much success!

  4. David Jayden Schwebke

    Editing in general is great, the act of making something as good as it can be is just so satisfying. And it’s good to always follow your dreams. Unless your dreams suck, then you need to get some new dreams.

  5. Markus Guirand

    Perfect Blue is really dope and I still have to see Ghost In The Shell, but it’s on my list. What kind of stuff do you write? Because I’m in the process in making my own manga and I’d love to check out your stuff.
    Best of luck to you!

  6. Alex Garcia

    I’m curious to ask but what happen to be your favorite anime’s? Mine are Dragon Ball Z and Naruto hands down. But if I had to choose one between the two DBZ without a doubt.


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