Hello World, I am Bakenator!

Hello and welcome to my page! My name is Kacey, otherwise known as Bakenator, and I like to make people laugh. I run my own YouTube channel where I play and upload gaming footage for the internet to laugh at, and most likely end up humiliating myself in a satisfying way! My main goal from this is to make people laugh. I want to give those who are sick of real life and the problems they face every day a safe haven from those problems and give you a sense of forgetfulness to just be happy for the time that I can help you forget about everything else. I feel this way because of the past that I have lived through and the experiences I have gone through, with YouTube being my own safe haven over the years, and I promised myself that I would give back some day, in my own way.

Other than making great content, I study and practice graphic design, video editing and design, hardware repair and installation, and generally anything else to do with technology because I like it so much. I like to play video games a lot, obviously, and spending time with my wife every second I can, because in the end we all have a fixed amount of time on this Earth, and my hope is to enjoy every second possible!

By: Kacey Baker

10 thoughts on “Hello World, I am Bakenator!

  1. Christopher Mitchell

    Hello Bakenator,
    I will have to get your YouTube channel from you. I would love to check out your videos. I have never posted anything on YouTube per say, however, other people have posted plenty of videos of bands I have played with over the course of my musical career. Great to have you in this program.

  2. Taylor

    I really enjoyed this post I know how you feel about youtube It has always been somewhat of a sanctuary for me as well mainly because I have a hard time interacting with people especially in a face to face setting.

  3. Joshua

    I’ll have to get the name of your youtube channel at some point and maybe some tips on how to begin one of my own.

  4. David Jayden Schwebke

    It’s cool to see someone perusing YouTube, internetainment isn’t given the credit deserves. It’s good to help people find that escape, and I know YouTubers have helped me in some low points myself, so keep up the good work.

  5. Scarlett

    You seem like a really cool person who is making content for all the right reasons. I am totally going to check out your channel. I just wanted to say, it’s really cool what you’re doing and keep up the good work.

  6. Alex Garcia

    I think it’s cool that you have your own YouTube channel because I also have one. And as far as content goes, I also use to make gameplay videos but recently stopped because I ran out of ideas lol. Anyways good luck on your YouTube channel.


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