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Greetings. My name is Joshua MacDonald. I was born in Cottage Grove, OR and have been a student at Lane Community College since the fall of 2017. I’m currently studying journalism and have plans to transfer to the University of Oregon in the following years to earn my bachelors degree. I know what you’re thinking, ” why would you wanna do that?” The reason being that I enjoy hearing other peoples perspectives, dismantling what they say and forming my own opinion on the matter. To do otherwise is to be a sheep. Constantly guided and told what to believe with the only justification being other sheep doing the same.

Growing up in Oregon has made me into a very outdoorsy person. I love to hike, arguably more than I like to read and I really like to read. But what I found after reading several books on natural selection and different regions of the world, is that the experience of nature was greatly expanded with just a little more knowledge. Suddenly you’re walking around and everything has a story because you carry with you a little bit of knowledge that shows it to be true.

That’s what got me into journalism in the first place. The idea of a little bit of extra knowledge being able to reshape and reform a persons whole mentality is an amazing feat but one that can only be achieved with an understanding of the others perspective. My hope is that through Media Arts I will be able expand my reach and find new ways translate my opinions to the people around me.



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