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There are a lot of things that people may find either interesting or different about me from the normal. I don’t enjoy spending time in crowds or anywhere out in public for that matter I have always preferred to read in public or stay at home if that is an option. Rather than going out and meeting new people. I enjoy playing video games watching movies reading and spending time with animals. In fact I probably prefer interacting with animals over people the exceptions being very close friends or certain parts of my family. I have two pets at home my dog Katie who i’ve had for more than half my life (she’s A Miniature Schnauzer), and a cat named Buddy that my sister got 3 years ago. Though he doesn’t like me very much for some reason.

I’ve always preferred to have a small group of very close friends as opposed to a large group of friends. Last year my two closest friends moved to OSU for college and I have yet to find anyone that I can be as open with as them. I have very severe anxiety issues and as a result I rely on people coming to me to make friends. which makes it harder for me to find people of similar interests.  I can say for certain that outside of family I have never been closer to anyone in my life. The funny part about that is that they see me in the same light despite our separation and that they are both much more outgoing than I am. That loyalty is what I value most in a friendship and I imagine they feel the same. I have known them long enough that my family Katie included trusts both of them as one of our own.-By: Taylor Phillips


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  1. Lola Butcher

    Hi Taylor! I really enjoyed reading your blog post, it made me feel like I was able to grasp an authentic image of who you are and what you’re interested in. I loved the vulnerability you portrayed throughout the entirety of the post and I can definitely relate to the fact that you like interacting with animals more than people. (:


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