The man behind the screen.

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to read a little about my life. Lets start with some of the less interesting things and than move into the good stuff. My name is Tyler Ferber, I saw the light on February 16, 1996 and grew up in a very small town in Pennsylvanian called Greentown “Its a 10 minutes drive to scranton for all you Office watchers.” I lost my father about my junior year of high school due to 9/11 caused cancer, he was called to the seen because of his role as head fire fighter in our area. I don’t let this get me down, but it makes me wanna work harder and try to perfect anything I am doing to make him proud. Thats what inspired me to move to Oregon was to start get a fresh start. Im also very into the outdoors and  I enjoy a variety of activities outdoor to name a few of my favorites are  camping, fishing, hiking, down hill mountain biking and Oregon is made for it babe!  Photography has always been in my life as well, I am not the greatest but any means but iv always had a natural eye for it. That is what has lead me into Multi Media Program and when i finish the program i hope to open my own Photography/Video Studio. I like to think of myself as a very humble person, I think everyone on this earth should be treated with the same amount of respect no matter race, sexuality, or ethnicity.  We all have a dream and instead of putting people down, we should help each other accomplish that goal. Thats why my number rule in life is “Dont be a dick.”  IMG_20170828_094543_592

6 thoughts on “The man behind the screen.

  1. Lola Butcher

    Hey Tyler very, very dope blog post. The fact that you provide your perspective on how you view the world felt very genuine and relatable. I think it is important to embrace everyone as they come and build them up as opposed to breaking them down. Thank you for sharing your intimate story about your dad and the motivation to be better, so authentic.

  2. Michelle Slaven

    Hey Tyler,
    What an intimate blog. Thank you for opening up like that, it is inspiring and genuine. Also, I completely relate to your “don’t be a dick” life policy and I think we’ll get along great!

  3. Braden Bollinger

    Damn dude, thanks for such an honest post. I also used to live in Pennsylvania, though I was only there for a little over a year. We lived in Oxford, I have fond memories of amish people selling milk and carrots to us aha.
    I keep bugging my friends and family to come camping with me but hardly ever get interest, hope to go soon though.


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