The Life of Jewel by Jewel Brandenfels-Mestaz

Quirky, weird, strange and silly. Those are some of the words you might think when first meeting me, and I’d say you’re correct.

My name is Jewel Saphira Bloom, a student at a nice little place called Lane Community College, hoping to graduate with a major in Multimedia sometime in the future. I chose Multimedia due to my love for videography and photography as well as many more things you may just learn during the time this blog progresses.


I’m a lover of many nerdy things, such as Doctor Who, a famous British Sci-Fi show, and Glee, a well known American comedy series. I also have a love for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Rick Riordan books, Lorien Legacies, Fairy Tail and much much more.

The biggest things about me, however, are not the things I like or what I do, but rather what I am and how it shapes me. I am autistic, transgender, asexual and panromantic, all of which I have learned to accept and love. Before I had accepted being a trans-woman, my name had been Johann (Joey) Brandenfels-Mestaz, but through officially becoming myself, I have the name I said in the beginning, and I couldn’t be happier.

When I first heard about having to do a blog, I was very worried about it. “It requires typing?! Well I’m not gonna do good,” I had thought right away, but now, as I’m writing this, I look forward to starting this journey and sharing what I can.

Until next time,



7 thoughts on “The Life of Jewel by Jewel Brandenfels-Mestaz

  1. Andrew Johnson

    Hey Jewel!

    It is awesome to get to have another class with you this term! Digital Photo was great last term! I also love your taste in media! British SCFI is great!

  2. Michelle Slaven

    Hey Jewel,

    I really enjoyed hearing your story. I think it is very important in this field to pay heed to who we are and just let all the inhibitions of our creativity fall away so we can truly shine! Just like a jewel 😉 . Good luck in this program and I hope to get to know you through the classes we take together!


  3. Jay Keller

    Rad to have another class with ya Jewel! I think it’s insanely important to be true to yourself as an individual and I’m glad that you’re rocking you. Different life perspectives can be greatly appreciated and I find celebrated these days in the arts. I wish you luck in your journey through this program!


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