My first step into Media Arts was in early Spring of 2017. I was an undecided, yet energetic freshman attending Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida. I was enrolled in several film courses that all piqued my interest to a point where I wanted to get a better taste of what this sorta industry is like. So I reached out to a buddy of mine, who was involved in this online video news network put on by him and several other students I knew. They told me that they were looking for an editor and that I could start immediately. I quickly managed to become familiar with the ways of operation and the creative process on set, and in less than a week, I was gripping, editing and helping direct content for the network. Unfortunately, due to a sharp spike in my workload for school as the term began to kick up, I had to part ways with my revered network.


Currently, I continue to work towards building skills and gaining knowledge on the harrowing path of a film major. Now a sophomore pursuing an undergraduate in Oregon, I plan to eventually develop my current situation into that of a filmmaker facilitated by the Media Arts program.



“Last to cast the stone, the worst known”




7 thoughts on “Primer

  1. Jewel Brandenfels-Mestaz

    It’s hard to get sucked into the post because there’s nothing that seems inviting or out there at the beginning, giving a slight bit of dullness. Another problem I saw was that no name was given. Who are you, mysterious person and what’s DOQ?

  2. Andrew Johnson

    That’s hard to hear that you had to drop out of a job you loved! But i’m sure you’re bound to find more! This program is the perfect place hone your skills that will aid you in those jobs in the future!

  3. Joshua MacDonald

    it’s hard to make sacrifices for school, but you show a good and clear work ethic. You seem to know the path you’re on. Stay on the path and more opportunities will always arise for people willing to work.


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