I Found Happiness in Media Arts

Welcome guys! I hope you all are having a great start to the term, and tanks for taking the time to look at my page here! My name is Andrew Johnson, I am a Multi Media Production major in my third term of the program. So I do have a little experience in Media Arts already. I am excited to get a chance to get to know you all a little bit this term!

While this is actually my first year in the Media Arts, it is actually my second year here at Lane. I started here last year enrolled a Bio major, but quickly learned that science was not where I am supposed to be. So after reviewing my first year over the summer I made the decision that I would rather fail at something I love than make it doing something I don’t. Since then I haven’t looked back, and I have felt the power of my choice already changing my life. I started make friends in classes, class work started feeling like fun rather than work, and I have been so much happier. In one of my classes this week my instructor articulated my sate of being since the switch perfectly, exhausted and happy. It has been hard work, but I have been so happy I hardly notice.

I have all the passion in the world for Multi Media Production, movie making in particular, now I just need to learn the tools to become the artist I dream of becoming. Part of which requires meeting and working with all the great artist around me! So please feel free to talk with me anytime!

Here’s to a great term,

Andrew Johnson

6 thoughts on “I Found Happiness in Media Arts

  1. Michelle Slaven

    Hi Andrew,

    I’m happy to get to know your story a little bit. It sounds like it was the right choice for you to go into the MMD program. I feel like I have found happiness here too! It being that I am in my first term and you are in your third, I may have questions for you! This is exciting!


  2. Lola Butcher

    Hey Andrew! I love the passion you have for media arts, I feel like I was able to get an idea of who you are through your post. I actually came into college as a bio major also and ended up switching over to media arts as well so I feel you on that initial struggle! So happy that you’ve found what you love. I’m excited to see the material you produce and share in this class!

  3. Jay Keller

    I completely relate to your story my guy. It’s such an exhilarating feeling to truly find your passion in life and begin to really explore what you want to do in life. Makes life/classes/things more fun and like you’re finally striving towards something ya love. Rad to have had some classes with ya and gotten to know ya a bit my dude and I can see your passion and willingness to learn and reach out to people will get you far!

  4. Markus Guirand

    I can totally relate to this because I was also a bio major all last year and the first term of this year. I always grew up thinking I would be a science major but it all felt like a chore to me, so I switched and had the same mentality of wanting to fail in something I love rather than something I don’t. It’s pretty cool how we have the same “origin story”
    Good luck


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